Pro Multi-Genre Vocalist  - LOREN

Los Angeles

Pro Multi-Genre Vocalist

Pro trained Vocalist and Arranger heavily experienced in A Cappella, Jazz, R&B, Pop, Gospel & Choral Music. You paying, I'm singing.

Music Mixing and Production - Ben

Los Angeles

Music Mixing and Production

Ben is a Los Angeles based mixing engineer and producer with a decade of professional experience. He cut his teeth at the historic Eastwest Studios in Hollywood, where he engineered sessions for five years. After being headhunted from Eastwest by veteran mixer/producer Mark Needham, Ben has gone on to open his own studio in beautiful Griffith Park.

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‘Music Producer’, ‘Song Writer - Lani

Civic Center MARTA Station

‘Music Producer’, ‘Song Writer

I have wrote songs with many successful artist such as The Game, DB Bantino, Yung Gleesh, Visto, and more. I create catchy lyrics that’s entertaining and meaningful. I’m well versed with melodies and power beats.

Mixer - Phil



Singer, Songwriter  - Emy

Buenos Aires

Singer, Songwriter

Singer / Songwriter / Composer. Ive published songs with different labels (such as Simplify Recs., VipMusikRecords, Heardwell, ARWV, LoveStyle Records, Etc.) I currently work as a Ghost Singer/writer for different producers. If you want to see the reviews i’ll gladly send them to you :). Thanks for reading, Em.


Mixing / Recording Engineer - Nathan

Los Angeles

Mixing / Recording Engineer

Nathan Jenkins is a Grammy award winning, multi-platinum mix engineer. He has mixed records for top major label artists including Beyonce, Destiny's Child, Akon, Mary J. Blige and Mariah Carrey; as well as producing and mixing tracks for many independent artists that span the entire musical spectrum, from pop to hip-hop to rock to electronic.

Mixing & Mastering - Jorge

Buenos Aires

Mixing & Mastering

I'm a mixer/master engineer/producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Specialized in Electronic Music. Released in labels like Cadenza, M-nus, Viva Music, Raum...Musik. Engineer for Musica Lunar, Savor Music.


Mixing - MixButton





We are an online mixing studio ready to take your music to the next level. Submit your music and get your mixed track back within a week! All our packages include revisions – the chance to review your final product and request a change if you are not completely happy. Visit the website and find out what we could do for your music.

null - Sharron


Recording artist, songwriter, musician (piano).,,


Complete song production - James


Complete song production

Working closely over Skype, Jamie brings the songwriter/singer a unique and highly collaborative production experience from anywhere. You're there every step of the way to participate in the creation of your track. You will need to add your vocals in a studio near you which I can coach over Skype.

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