Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with the lovely sparrows

Remote Drumming/Production - Danny Piccuirro

Colorful drum sounds from a experienced Producer/Engineer.

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Music Producer, Songwriting  - Don Dada - Dragutin Čulić

A sound designer and music producer with in-depth knowledge of sound design, mixing, composing and performing wide variety of musical styles and genres, with 4 years of experience working on radio as radio imaging producer.

Remote Mixing & Mastering  - PlamenVasilev

I'm a UK-based music producer and Mixing&Mastering engineer. I'm reliable and flexible. Looking forward to new projects and meeting new people.

Music Producer, Mix Engineer - Tom Collins

Music producer, studying audio engineering. 2 and a half years experience

Mixing, Editing, Producing - Lana Migliore

Have worked with Grammy winning producers and bands. Looking to continue building mixing and editing portfolio.

Producer, Mixing Engineer - Anton Shaplin

Music Producer, Mixing Engineer, Film/Game Composer

Chords and Melody Writer - Bryan Laidacker

Im 15 years old and i can play bass, drums, piano, and guitar? I Don't know what else to put here.

I'm a 3D visual artist - andrei.low

I'm a visual artist specialized in 3D environments and aesthetic work. I'm a generalist, I know most 3D techniques, art -styles, and animation styles.I've been working with a lot of artists and various record labels.

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