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Keyboard Specialist - Mitchell Leonard


Hello all! My name is Mitchell Leonard. I'm here to connect with those in need of piano and keyboard parts on recordings, as well as assistance with the composition and arrangement of musical and lyrical elements. I have thirty years of experience in the business, and worked with clients from all over the world, of every style and skill level.

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Pro Recording Studio - 1/4Acústico

"1/4Acústico Live Studio" is a pro recording facility where you can do rehersals and record them in an audio controlled environment. The brand has been active in Querétaro City, México. Over 3 years with professional audio engineers and musicians dedicated to give the best for your musical needs and finest ears.

Remote mixing&mastering - Hard Disk

Recording and direct enginnering , music productor & keyboardist

Music Producer - Louie K

30 years experience in the music industry

Recording Studio - HYPEstudios

High level engineers ready to work on your music.

Musical produtor / DJ - Dreammer

Fell the music

Music Producer/ Artist  - Ex_ahli

I am an artist, Producer and mix and master engineer based out of Cyprus. Beat Maker versed in Hip-hop, trapsoul and trap.

Multi-Genre Songwriting - Brittley

I will write lyrics in any style to your musical track. Reggae, Hip Hop/Rap, Pop, Neo-Soul and R&B are my main areas. I will then create a suitable vocal melody to the lyrics and record them to a musical track you provide. I also provide lyric revisions. If you have an unfinished song or a completed one that needs extra eyes, I'm the one to call.

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