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Recording Artist - JayVyn

Hello Everyone! My name is JayVyn(JayVINE) is how you pronounce it! I'm an R&B Artist here in Milwaukee, WI looking to make some Incredible TIMELESS Music and I'm looking for some dope Songwriters to help complete my Debut Project!! Let's connect and I'm also available to do features, background vocals, etc! Let's CREATE something Amazing!

Professional Drummer - Matias Menarguez


Hi! My name is Matias Menarguez, I'm a professional drummer from Buenos Aires, Argentina currently living in New Jersey, USA. I've been playing drums and Jazz music for more than 22 years now, but I have also developed myself as a session drummer and got to work with a great variety of artists and music genres.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Venzetti Productions

I want to make your music big, loud & proud. From crushing breakdowns to soul fulfilling ballads, let's make magic.

Mixing Master - Connor Parke

Do you want your rap track to sound dope? Then I'm your guy!

Electronic music producer - German Gomez

Work with electronic sound taste in different styles

Mixing/Session Engineer - Shed Sound

I have the experience and ability to provide you with the best produced mix, master, session work possible. If you want to stand out as an artist, let’s work together to provide an untouchable product.

mix engineer/music producer - DRiley

20+years in the game! Still young and motivated..Ready to make my mark on the audio landscape. I study all the greats,.."the ole ssl heads" I love those guys that pure sound. I am also very much in tuned with the new wave of Super Engineers running the game. they are my idols! I love music with all my heart and I can' t wait to MAKE MAGIC with you!

RnB/Pop Songwriter & Producer - the bro

I make unconventional, unique artistic choices in my work. In a nutshell: When Jazz met Electronic Pop.

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