Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Spend The Night

Singer, Songwriter, Producer - Ace Suggs

Session Vocalist for just about all genres of music.

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Produce, Mix & Master music - Jonny King

I srated freelancing as a studio engineer & producer 13 years ago. During that time I managed a commercial and educational studio in Dublin city, I worked as the 2nd engineer in Noel Hogan's (The Cranberries) studio in Limerick along side Owen Lewis (fantastic engineer!) and I ran my own production suit and recording studio in the Dublin mountains.

Mixing & Mastering - Tezzeract

I'm a Producer, Mixer and mastering engineer for several years. I have a good experience in working with upcoming artist by sharpen up their sound. I can help you to build a quality product.

Songwriter/Producer/Beatmaker - Steven Bamidele


My passion is studio creativity. I can do full track production, songwriting, top lining, lyric writing, drum programming, keys/synth programming etc. Let me know where you want me involved and I'm happy to help

Session Guitarist / Producer  - Future Zero Studios


I believe that emotionally-driven mix decisions create the “goosebump” moments in music. A technical approach to engineering is how it starts, but when I compose and mix, I am decisive and clearheaded in my creative decision-making.

I sing sing sing sing - Ellie Rivers

I'm classically trained. My original song and I were featured in an Emmy Award Winning Show.

Producer, mixing and mastering - Jack Booth

Affordable mixing and mastering engineer. I specialize in dance music.

Session Pianist, Producer - Darius

What's Up!! Looking for tracked keys or a fully produced instrumental? I am a professional musician who has also started producing over the last few years. I've done everything from playing in the pit at live shows, to playing in churches. I love most genres, so my style is very versatile.

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