Mixing & Mastering Engineers who worked with Sonny Landreth

Photo of Ken Hutton

Ken Hutton

Creative Facilitator
Münsterland, Germany
26 Reviews
  • Vocal Tuning - $75/Track
  • Producers
  • Track minus top-line
  • 3 More...
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20+ year veteran of multi-platinum projects, particularly interested in artist development. Credits include Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits), Trisha Yearwood, John Michael Montgomery, and George Strait.

Photo of Metronome Studios Köln

Metronome Studios Köln

Masters of stage and studio
Cologne, Germany
  • Recording Studios - $500/Day
  • Mixing Engineers
  • Vocal Tuning
  • 3 More...
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Roger Hoeger: Touring audio engineer since 1992 (Olympics, TV, International Music Festivals). Ken Hutton: Multi-Platinum recording engineer since 1991. (Nashville)

Photo of Jack LeTourneau Productions

Jack LeTourneau Productions

Millwaukee, Wi. Chicago, IL.
  • Restoration
  • Production Sound Mixer
  • Remixing
  • 12 More...

Jack LeTourneau Productions 30 years of Recording and Mixing experience.

Photo of Michael Bishop

Michael Bishop

MisterMixer, MisterMaster
Newbury Township, OH, USA
  • Recording Studios
  • Mixing Engineers
  • Mastering Engineers - $200/Song
  • 2 More...

Almost any imaginable music genre, analog & digital audio, surround, binaural, Direct Stream Digital. Recording, Mixing, Mastering. Platinum/Gold Album & Grammy-winning artists.11 Grammy Awards: 6 for Best-Engineered Album, 2 for Best Surround Album, Best Orchestral Album. Best Choral Album, Best Latin Jazz Album. Everything & anything since 1968.

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Photo of Sharat


Remote Editing and Mixing
Berlin, Germany
  • Mixing Engineers
  • Mixing Engineers
  • Recording Studios
  • 3 More...

Hello, I am a graduate in Audio Engineering from SAE Institute, Berlin and been working as a recording and mixing engineer in both studio and live setups. I also have producing experience with my own ensemble band and I am working on releasing EP of another band mid-2017. I am a musician myself and have a keen ear to details and arrangements.

Photo of MYNXY


I sing, I write, I emote.
Vancouver, BC, Canada
1 Review
  • Singer - Female
  • Songwriter - Lyrics
  • Top line writer (vocal melody)
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Hello! My name is MYNXY. I am a singer, songwriter, DJ & producer.

Photo of Justin Maribito

Justin Maribito

Remote Mixing & Mastering
Middleton, MA, USA
  • Mixing Engineers - $100/Song
  • Mastering Engineers - $70/Song
  • Vocal comping - $40/Track
  • 2 More...

Freelance electronic music producer with expertise in mixing & mastering all genres of music Employed by iZotope, Inc. and an expert of mixing and mastering with iZotope Alloy 2, Ozone 6, RX 4, Trash and more SoundCloud Following reaching 2,000 followers and an original track reaching 20,000 organic plays (https://soundcloud.com/bitoboston)

Photo of Dorian Gray Studios

Dorian Gray Studios

Eichenau, D
  • Mixing Engineers
  • Mastering Engineers

Our mastering engineer will give your music production the finishing touch to an optimal sound on different media players and guaranteed. After the stylish use of equalizers and compressors your productions sound punchy and dynamic.

Photo of Joseph Wander

Joseph Wander

London, UK
  • Singer - Male - $70/Song
  • Songwriter - Lyrics - $100/Song
  • Songwriter - Music - $100/Song
  • 4 More...

My name is Joseph Wander, and I want to work with as many cool people as possible.

Photo of Mercurial Arts + Sciences

Mercurial Arts + Sciences

Burlington, VT, USA
  • Songwriter - Music
  • Songwriter - Lyrics
  • Top line writer (vocal melody)
  • 4 More...
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Hello—I'm Brett Hughes, I run a versatile project studio in Vermont, writing, producing/recording and performing full-time (Americana/Bluegrass and Swamp-Rock) with many of the best players around. I do album and commercial work, and occasionally tour as a side man. Hell, I'm also an Art Director/Graphic Designer (Vanity Fair, Phish '99-'01!)

Photo of Jayd Ink

Jayd Ink

Singer-Writer- Demo Vocalist
Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Singer - Female - $200/Song
  • Songwriter - Lyrics - $200/Song
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Versatile without a doubt I've been singing and writing for over 10 years. I do vocal arrangements, great at harmonies. Just take a listen to my work and it will speak for itself.

Photo of Jason Motoyama

Jason Motoyama

'Post-Production', 'Composer'
Sacramento, CA, USA
  • Full instrumental productions
  • Sound Design
  • Songwriter - Music
  • 4 More...

I'm a freelance engineer and musician. I've worked on short film projects, and studio work for album production. 2013 I joined Pinnacle College "Music Production and Recording Arts" to further my knowledge. December 18th 2014 I will have an AA Degree in Audio Engineering. Seeking Post-Production, Sound Design, Editing, and Music Composition work.