Indie Pop Singer - Male

These curated professional male singers are available to lay down vocal tracks for your song

Singer / Songwriter / Producer - Ulrich


Singer / Songwriter / Producer

I'm a singer/songwriter/producer from Berlin - genre: art pop, inspired by 80s/90s pop/wave/independent and classical music (I play the cello as well). My debut-CD came out back in 1996 on a German independent label. Since Dec 2017 I'm busy again, producing new material in collaboration with NREC - a CD-release is planned for 2020.

Emmy-nominated Producer/Vocals - Lovejack

Los Angeles

Emmy-nominated Producer/Vocals

Hi! I'm Brian, aka Lovejack. I'm an Emmy-nominated Music Producer/Supervisor (Will Play For Food), as well as Artist, Singer Songwriter, Producer, Instrumentalist / Orchestration, and do Mixing and Mastering. As a band member in Streetlight Cadence, I've sold tens of thousands of records (until CD's became frisbees) and toured internationally.

Singer/Songwriter - Fergus



I am an experienced singer and a songwriter from London, UK and a member of the band, Westfoord. We released our debut single 'Ode To My Generation' in July, which was written by myself. I have experience recording in a studio and have a large vocal capacity. I am available to hire as a singer, songwriter and top-liner.

Versatile Vocalist/Songwriting - Andrew


Versatile Vocalist/Songwriting

With over 10 years of songwriting experience, I'm here to offer you affordable songwriting and versatile vocals. Each project has a completely different scope and it's my job to deliver what you need while being flexible and working within your sonic parameters.

Singer, Songwriter, Producer - Seb

United Kingdom

Singer, Songwriter, Producer

Proud to have hit over 400,000 plays across streaming services from music I have engineered, written and/or produced. I have a decade of experience in recording & song writing across multiple genres. I'm a producer and songwriter so contact me to create, finish, polish and turn your project into something pro.

Songwriting Duo  - Carmine


Songwriting Duo

We are Carmine; a Pop song-writing duo who have had their songs played by Huw Stephens (BBC Radio1) and Dermot O'Leary (BBC Radio 2) alongside being streamed throughout Europe and North-America. We write in a diverse range of styles but focus primarily on Pop, Alt-Pop, Indie Rock and EDM. Drop us a message to talk more about your project!



Los Angeles


INTRODUCTORY PRICE, male vocalist in the style of LAUV, SHAWN MENDES. Trained for many years under Don Lawrence, vocal coach to Lady Gaga, Bono, Cristina Aguilera, Camila Cabello, Bonnie McKee and many more.


New Jersey


Professional vocalist/songwriter specializing in alternative pop. You should hire me because I'll simply do a great job. I've also got a good grasp on understanding certain visions and always use the references given to produce the vocals that YOU want for your song.


Male Indie Vocalist, Producer - Joel


Male Indie Vocalist, Producer

I'm a vocalist, singer/songwriter, and producer with 15 years' experience, a unique sound, and a great ear.

Vocalist/Songwriter/Bass - Dan

Brighton and Hove


Hi, I'm Dan and I can sing and or play bass / guitar on your track! My range as a singer means I can cover choral parts from baritone to alto and as a bass & guitar player I can cover everything from lead lines to thumping rymthm. Whether your track needs a commercial or more DIY sounding part I can cover it!


Songwriter/Artist - Alex



I am an indie and alternative pop artist from Boston, Massachusetts. For the past 4 years, I have been writing songs for my own music career which has allowed me tour multiple times and open for artists around the US.


Musical Magician  - Spectral


Musical Magician

I am a professional singer , musician and a music producer. I myself an artist that is why my technical work like composing, programming , mixing & mastering has a sense of a musician and its not robotic or completely by the books. I think music production is a creative phenomenon so only technical expertise can not give best results always.

🎶 Producer, Composer,🎤,🎸,🎹 - Chathambomb

Southern California

🎶 Producer, Composer,🎤,🎸,🎹

I do MANY things so just ASK ME. I sing. I play multiple instruments. I make song ideas come to life. I write songs for chart-topping artists like Home Free. I compose music for films like the SXSW feature "Coldwater." I specialize in cross-style musical arrangements and backing music for live and video performances. EASY TO WORK WITH.

Songwriter, Singer, Producer - Sun


Songwriter, Singer, Producer

Texas native singer-songwriter, producer, guitarist and rapper, Sun Scott, is a multi-dimensional artist poised to kill your genre. Here to help execute your vision in a timely and professional manner.

Singer, Songwriter, Artist - Joshua

Las Vegas

Singer, Songwriter, Artist

I can write full lyrics to a song within 24 hours and I'm able to sing a plethora of genres. I have over 24 songs (2 EP's and 2 LPs) that were released from 2016 to 2020. I'm able to execute the story and melody of your song and make it the best it can possibly be.

Singer/Producer/Writer - Derrick



I am dedicated to your dreams and committed to working with you to achieve them. My turnaround speed is fast and my goal is to deliver above your expectations. My positive outlook mixed with mindfulness in all that I create will shine through to your project! I am grateful for the opportunity to work with you and ready to create magic together.


Singer, E-Violin, Back Singer - Nathanaël


Singer, E-Violin, Back Singer

Thanks to my perfect ear and because I've begin to learn music at 4, I have the ability to analyze and thus sing pretty much everything. These abilities led me, for example, to sing with the well-known Danish band Efterklang, but also to sing Mozart's Requiem in a choir of 200 people, going in tour, etc.


singer-songwriter-producer - Uliya



I've been making music for the last 10 years, combining self-taught and trained expertise as a keyboardist, vocalist, acoustic guitarist, songwriter, in-the-box producer and sound/mixing engineer. I have collaborated on a number of projects across mediums, most notable my track "Greener" with Anju which has garnered over 140k streams.

Vocal Producer & Performer - Pro

St. Louis

Vocal Producer & Performer

My vocal chops come from touring and recording in/out Nashville. I was the frontman for an Alt-Pop band (The Roosevelts), and guitarist/back ground vocalist a country artist (Mackenzie Porter). I recently decided to take a break from the road, and focus on producing music for sync. I love to collaborate, and am excited to work with you!


Songwriter, Guitar, Lyrics - Fede


Songwriter, Guitar, Lyrics

we will go through the process together and I will make sure I provide with the best help and melodies possible. songs and guitar parts will be written as they are meant to sound



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