Drummer - Producer  - Pablo



Buenos Aires

Drummer - Producer

Hi! My name is Pablo Guarnieri, i am a professional drummer with more than 20 years working on music, Session Drummer, producer and Songwriter. I have my own studio in buenos aires In which I work recording drums, producing & mixing music. UNLIMITED revisions, you will have the drum tracks you are looking for! Contact me and let's start working!

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Guitarist, Songwriter/Arranger - Sean



Long Island

Guitarist, Songwriter/Arranger

I'm a guitarist and singer/songwriter from Long Island, New York. I provide studio and live performance for full bands or singer/songwriters. I write, perform and produce for my own original band Sean V Syndicate.

Producer, Manager, Writer - Moe


Producer, Manager, Writer

Started with classical music. and it opened many doors for me. especially melody wise. And with my love for Jazz and blues, i combined the classical and Jazz elements to make my art.


Recording, mixing, drummer - Matt

New York

Recording, mixing, drummer

I am an audio engineer with experience in a large variety of styles and media. I have recorded musicians, spoken word, and sound effects, and well as editing and mixing. I have over 20 years professional experience as a drummer n many styles of music, including Jazz, Pop, Rock, and shows.

Eczema Cream for Babies - Happy


Eczema Cream for Babies

Happy Cappy's Revolutionary Baby Eczema Cream!


Music Producer, Engineer - Thomas



United States

Music Producer, Engineer

Here to deliver you the music you need!


Music Producer - IV._MIDORI


Music Producer

indie music maker


All Genre Vocalist/Songwriter - Idrise

Los Angeles

All Genre Vocalist/Songwriter

I can do anything lyrically, top-line, vocally. I am a singer/songwriter/vocal producer/engineer. I was a linguist for 10 years, so I understand "language" in a way that, for me, is not just about the words, but how they feel when leaving your mouth; or hitting your ears. There's a psychology. It's about how you deliver them. Intention.


Mixing & Mastering, Producer - Joshua


Mixing & Mastering, Producer

Professional Mixing & Mastering by a german gold + platinum producer

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