Drummer - Producer  - Pablo



Buenos Aires

Drummer - Producer

Hi! My name is Pablo Guarnieri, i am a professional drummer with more than 20 years working on music, Session Drummer, producer and Songwriter. I have my own studio in buenos aires In which I work recording drums, producing & mixing music. UNLIMITED revisions, you will have the drum tracks you are looking for! Contact me and let's start working!

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Harmonica,Songwriter,Arranger - Lucas



São Paulo


I am a harmonica player, arranger and a Latin Grammy Nominee songwriter and composer. If you are looking for a harmonica line, a string or brass arrangement or even a help to finish your compositions, here is the place to solve your answers and end the quest.

Producer,Mixing & Mastering - Overmind


Producer,Mixing & Mastering

Sound engineer (studio), music producer and DJ, with an emphasis on mixing, production, post production audio and mastering


Recording & Production Studio - Elite


Recording & Production Studio

The quality you deserve


Recording and Mixing Anywhere - Jimmy

New York

Recording and Mixing Anywhere

I'm a recording and mixing engineer with a strong belief that good music comes from anywhere and everywhere. Record your entire EP in your bedroom? Backyard? 3 different friends basements? The Taj Mahal? Maybe your band is in a combination of all of the above? I can help you make it sound great, no matter the circumstance.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - DJ


Remote Mixing & Mastering

The sounds the human ear find pleasant is combination (mix) dependent.

Audio Engineer - Gurjit




Audio Engineer

Recording Editing Mixing Mastering Live Sound


2x Platinum Mix and Mastering - Dario




2x Platinum Mix and Mastering

Hi, I'm Dario, I will be delighted to work on you music. BigBizStudio is our place where commit your music, we use the most advanced techniques in mix and mastering and work with Major Labels like Sony and Warner, and now we are happy to extend our services to SoundBetter. We are fully accredited from Apple as "Mastered For Itunes" MFiT.

music producer - Alexander


music producer

hello my name is alexander björk and im 22y old, i live near malmö in sweden. i have been making music for 3 years, my purpose with music is to reach out to people and share my thougts and feelings with them. i have made remixises for the 2 first years i started to make music, and one year ago i desided i was ready to start make my own tracks.


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