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3D audio, spatialization and soundscape compositions for theater, live concerts, cinema (BD-DVD), fixed and temporary installations. Custom softwares and algorithms creation. Luigi works in professional audio market since 1989, when he created the PLAID recording studio with D. Persi Paoli. It was one of the firsts digital recording studios in Ita

-ly, and it was based on digidesign, Yamaha and Steinberg products. In the first years of 90' he has been put in charge by Andrea Valassina as the official Tech Support Specialist for digidesign, Opcode and Coda Finale in Italy. In 1995 Luigi has co-created A&G Soluzioni Digitali with Augusto Gentili, as a provider of turnkey solutions for all professional audio digital operators. The company quickly grew to become one of the best known and respected companies in the field of B2B distribution, with over thirty authorised outlets all over Italy. In 1998 the company created a parallel branch devoted to research and development in the field of three-dimensional multi channel audio applications, working with engineering concerns like Giorgio Gaber’s Goigest and the Universities of Pisa and...

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Terms Of Service

Contact me only if you need 3D audio or Ambisonics.
Terms of service? they change for each service...

Gear Highlights
  • eigenmike
  • tetramic
  • Xite-3D
  • 3D Audio Station
  • Leap Motion
  • custom plugins and audio/OSC software
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