Mixing and Recording Engineer - Travis




Mixing and Recording Engineer

Mixing Engineer and Live Audio Engineer based in Nashville, Tennessee. I work with artists in Country, Rock, Contemporary Christian Music, Bluegrass, and Singer/Songwriters.

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Professional singer - JohnnyBGood


Professional singer

Brand new. Deep powerful baritone voice for your music projects. Versatile and goal-oriented professional with great communication skills. Customer satisfaction is my number one concern. Custom offers available depending on your needs. Unlimited reviews available. Very competitive fees.


Singer / Songwriter / Vox Prod - Jason


Singer / Songwriter / Vox Prod

Writing my own songs took me from Guatemala to Washington, DC. Just spreading love one song at a time. Need a hit record? Hit me!


Songwriting/Producing/Mixing - Lukas





Songwriter, Drummer, Producer, Recording and Mixing Engineer. Let‘s make a record, it‘s fun!


Guitarrista de sesión - Francisco

Santa Fe

Guitarrista de sesión

Guitarrista sesionista: en Argentina trabajé con referentes como Botafogo (Miguel Vilanova) y Ricardo Tapia de "La Mississippi. Obtengo el premio 2020 como mejor guitarrista de la ciudad de Santa Fe por la revista Poquet. Comienzo de estudio del instrumento 1999 hasta actualidad. Actividad profesional: desde 2009 a la fecha

Mix producer - Pablo



Buenos Aires

Mix producer

Productor de Mezcla con 10 años de experiencia. Trabajo como freelance en Warehouse Studio. 2 Premios Gardel a la música y 100 millones de experiencias recorriendo el under nacional.

Sesion Electric Bassist - German

São Paulo

Sesion Electric Bassist

I have the credentials, skills, good attitude and love for music to bring your vision to life


Music Producer, Sound Engineer - Icarus

New York

Music Producer, Sound Engineer

Icarus Moth is a sonic blender, taking inspirations from a wide variety of influences I am able to create unique overlaps in genres that make the pieces I create new but familiar. I have worked with a wide range of artists stylistically which has provided me with a lot of experience in different type of works. Versatility in the studio is key.

Producer, Beat-Maker, Mixing. - Paul

Los Angeles

Producer, Beat-Maker, Mixing.

Hey there. I'm a professional ghost writer/producer/beat-maker in L.A. I have years of experience producing for many different artists in the market. I'm very flexible when it comes to styles so I can deliver an type of beat or sound you might be looking for.


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