Singer and Songwriter - Malin


Singer and Songwriter

I'm a professional singer and songwriter in Stockholm. I record vocals and write music in various studios daily. Because of my many years of studio experiences I'm able to make your song come to life in the way you want it to. Credits: Steve Void, Sem Vox, Tomine Harket, TWICE, Red Velvet among others..

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Production/Mixing/Composition - Violet



Productions for every budget. Local award winning Home studio run my Multi-Instrumentalist, Avid Songwriter, and all round nice guy.

Mixing & Recording Engineer - Antonio


Mixing & Recording Engineer

Recording and Mixing engineer with experience working alongside established artists and producers. My Credits include: John Newman, Jessie J, Alex Clare, Jack Savoretti, Rebecca Ferguson.

Music Producer, Composer  - JABRO


Music Producer, Composer

As an artist and producer, I have released songs on labels such as So Track Boa, Braslive and more.

Recording, Production, Mixing - Ty


Recording, Production, Mixing

Philly based producer and mixing engineer. Spent years touring, studying, and working to bring a unique sound to any project.

Demo vocalist, Songwriter - Dani

Los Angeles

Demo vocalist, Songwriter

I am a professional songwriter and demo vocalist. Anything from EDM, to country, to trailer music. My tone tends to be a little more gritty, so if you're looking for something different... I'm your girl! I record at my home studio, with a quick turnaround (typically 1-3 days).

Mixing-Mastering-Music Produc. - In

United States

Mixing-Mastering-Music Produc.

Hi, my name is Andrew, I'm a mix engineer and producer. After attending classes of Music Production and Sound Design at University and taken courses of mixing and mastering skills, I knew my place in this world was the one you might be looking for some help, production & mixing, two things that for sure will give your work distintion.


Mixing, Pre-Mastering - SOUNDEVOTEE


Mixing, Pre-Mastering

Mixing guy make your music more great.


Remote Mixing & Mastering - Aotu

Los Angeles

Remote Mixing & Mastering

Aotu is an independent, individual creator. He loves music and sound engineering, and has spent countless hours honing his specific skillset. If you like the distinct character and tone of Aotu's releases and engineering work, you will find that he is well-suited to bring that same touch to your music.


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