Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Secrets of the Moon

Mixing, Mastering, Recording - TomTaube

everything louder than everything else

Mixing - Patrick Damiani

carefully working on your beloved tracks to create a tasteful professional mix :) professional engineer since 1999 with lots of experience in handmade music, heavy & gothic music, acoustic and quiet music.

Producer, Engineer, Mixer - Sanford Parker

Currently re-located to Los Angeles form Chicago. I have been producing/mixing bands for 18+ years, specializing in metal, rock, punk, hardcore and electronic.

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Recording Engineer - Joel Everette

Im Joel Everette, Im 23 and a recording engineer from Pensacola Florida, I studied Audio Engineering and music production at the Audio Institute of America. I work as a freelance engineer and Im a Pro Audio tech at the Guitar Center.

Online Session Guitarist - Cloud Guitarist

I'm a budget online session guitarist for songwriters, bands & composers.

Production Engineer - Progue

Progue is a Music Composer and a Dj Over 10 years. Progue has made several Tracks and performed at several places in Bangalore like - Pebbels,Hint,White Tiger, zero G etc.

Producer / Engineer - GroundWatch Productions

My music name is K-Low I am a Producer from New York I signed 3 Recording deals in my life along with working with a few artist known and unknown such as Biggie,Pac,Nas,Kool G Rap,Digital Underground,E money Bags Sha Money XL etc. It does not matter your name could be the Next to shine I just love this and will never stop.

Singer, songwriter & performer - Laura Rizzotto

From recording vocals in multiple languages, writing melodies & lyrics, to top lining for your beats, playing keys and diving into the world of soundtrack composing... I'm your girl.

Session Drummer, - Ray Rebert / Raytone Records

Looking for great drum tracks (processed or raw files) or we can track multiple instruments here..Contact us !!!

Music Producer - Danielacevesp

Daniel Aceves aka Dark Banshee is an 18 year old record producer, DJ and musician from Mexico City who has worked with Netflix, Cirque du Soleil and film directors.

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