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Recording and Mixing Engineer - BlackTrack Productions

Rolling Stones, Happy Mondays, Fleetwood Mac, Hozier, Little Feat, Michael Jackson, Beck, Pixies, Har Mar Superstar, Stone Roses, U2, Van Morrison, Vulfpeck, Lauryn Hill, Joe Strummer, ELO, The Clash

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Bring Your music to Life - MixedByZakarious

Hello, I am Zakarious Collins, a recording and mix engineer based out Lexington Ky. I work with prodominatly hip-hop and R and B artist, but i have experience in other genres as well. I work with a team of industry professionals to bring your music to life and give your vision the quality you deserve.

Beat Maker, Music Producer - MrMccoy

Mr. McCoy is an Indie Music Producer who Creates, Writes and Arranges Audio Designs, which help Artists achieve that Ultimate Sound... that sound that attracts the people.. Hit him up now and get started with your next Musical project

Music Producers/Musicians - Stepanov&Bougini

We are a binome of French Producers working with differents rising artists.

Mixing Engineer - Britton Deuel


My main goal while mixing any project is to get the artist where they want to go sonically without compromising authenticity.

Music Composer - Marco Chiavetta 11-k

Hi, I am Marco, I specialised along the years in producing music for stories. It doesn't matter what's your media, if you have a story to tell I am here to listen to it and find the best way to support your view.

Record, mixing, live-event. - Andy_sev

I make a mix, expanding my taste from classical rock and hard metal, through the gates of music classics into a modern electronic sound. I have a college in radio engineering. The physics of sound is my element (waves, quantize, schematics). I play the guitar and sing a light solfeggio (just for soul)

Music Producer - Foulcrum

I am a music producer, brutal vocalist, songwriter. You can check out my music on all platforms.

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