EDM // Pop // Indie // Dance - Taylor


EDM // Pop // Indie // Dance

I'm a multiple Billboard & Beatport Top 10 Charting Producer, Veteran Engineer and Musical Innovator.

Songwriter & Music Producer - Kody


Songwriter & Music Producer

I know how to give your record that width, polish, depth & clarity you're looking for. I love to push creative limits and give you that ear candy that makes your song stand out. All you need to do is to send me a well-recorded song and I will turn it into your well-mixed record.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Colin


Remote Mixing & Mastering

I'm a professional recording and mix engineer out of Pittsburgh, PA. I work with and love all genres but I'm most experienced in Rap, Pop, and Heavy Metal genres. Feel free to contact me and we'll get your project booked, mixed, and released! I look forward to it... -Colin

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Mixing Engineer & Producer - Alexander


Mixing Engineer & Producer

With multiple million views on YouTube, credits with Sigrid and Carly Rae Jepson plus award nominations, I have the experience and know how to help you finish your projects. Together we can work to ensure you are releasing a professional, industry standard track that won't sound out of place on streaming, on radio or online.

Singer, song writer, producer  - Reina


Singer, song writer, producer

Singer, song writer, producer. Sang and preformed with and for “mama I wanna sing” foundation with Vy Higginsen in New York City. Performances at Madison Square Garden and Phillips Arena. Just relocating back from California and getting back into my music career after completing my bachelors in business management.


null - micheal


I have been working in recording studios for over 25 years I have produced /mixed and edited music for send me some songs I will mix the for you for free I want to retire in Israel but I need to have a job lined up befor I get there Can you help me thanks Mike


Bass Guitar / Synth - Laura


Bass Guitar / Synth

Currently working throughout Europe as a session bass player. Playing in London with the Godmother of Soul - The Tommi Rae Brown Band and Berlin-based darkwave goth band VV & the Void.


Pro Drums/Producer/Songwriter - Timmy


Pro Drums/Producer/Songwriter

As a professional session endrosed touring/recording drummer Ive worked with the who's who of the West Coast music scene and beyond. Hired by artists such as Pomo, Shad, KOS, Daniel Wesley, Carly Rae Jepsen, Hey Ocean, producers such as Ben Kaplan, Dave Ogilivie, Gggarth Richardson, Tim is now taking that experience to his own production studio.

HD Mixing & Mastering - Marty


HD Mixing & Mastering

Hi! I just recently signed up to this website. I've been in the recording industry for over 15 years and have worked with many major artists/labels. I know how to get that big professional polished sound. Even if you're recording from home, I can breathe new life into your recordings by simply mixing/mastering your masterpiece.

Film composition, sound design - Roee


Film composition, sound design

The sensitive combination of music, visual and emotion open for me the doors into the delicate world of media composition. Coming to serve a higher audience experience and to embrace the viewer with the film's emotional journey.


mixing and mastering,producer - Kalli


mixing and mastering,producer

Hi My name is kalli I'm from Israel I'm mixing and mastering engineer, my specialty is hip-hop style more but I have a good ear for all genres I came from film scoring I'm producer ,composer, sound designer and sound engineer


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