Guitarrist, Composer, Producer - Bruno

São Paulo

Guitarrist, Composer, Producer

Composer (feature films, TV shows, theater, documentaries, podcasts, commercials), music producer, guitarist (6- and 7- string guitars, acoustic, electric, nylon and steel), and singer. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Bruno lived in Tel Aviv and Barcelona. He currently works from his own studio in São Paulo.

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Music Composer, Sound Engineer - Rajiv


Music Composer, Sound Engineer

Music Composer, Programmer, Sound Engineer


Remote Audio Production - SimonValentineAU

Sydney NSW

Remote Audio Production

Shaping your music into broadcast-quality audio ready for an audience.


Songwriter-Arranger-Producer - Yuri



Songwriter-Arranger-Producer-Film score composer


Producer, Mixing, Editing  - Chris


Producer, Mixing, Editing

What's up everyone??!! My name is Chris and I've worked with Grammy-award winning artists and producers to turn great ideas into great records! Whether you're looking for a commercial sounding pop mix or a vibey atmosphere, I have you covered. Being a musician myself, I know how important the record is. I work tirelessly to make sure it's right!

null - Ümit


Recording and Mixer engineer + Composer


Music Producer/Recording Eng. - 7T6k


Music Producer/Recording Eng.

An American Beatproducingsongwriting/Sound&MixEngineering team=Music Production and Engineering expertise. A combined 15+ years experience in music technology and design with the best mindset and tools to tackle any job! Attention to detail, staying proactive, and communication during all phases are our top priorities.


RemoteMixing&MasteringProducer - 2K1



Self taught music producer and engineer out of Texas with 4 years of experience under my belt. I’ve helped local talent and those who literally live on the other side of the world put together multiple projects by providing fully customizable beats while also being their recording and mixing engineer.

Mix Engineer & Producer - River


Mix Engineer & Producer

As a Nashville-trained engineer and producer, I specialize in creating authentic, acoustic recordings. As a classical pianist and composer myself, I can approach projects with both an artist's and an engineer's ear.

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