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I'm a recording artist/songwriter whose recordings have been featured in over 138 TV shows & films, including 30 Rock, Beauty & the Beast, Scandal, Fashion Star, One Life to Live, Kardashians, Hung, Real L Word, and tons of shows on MTV, Vh1, E!, Oxygen & Disney, etc. I also write for multi-platinum artists worldwide. I've sung back-up for Cee Lo.

DEMO VOCALS: I'm happy to record demos at the highest professional level. I sing pop, electro-pop, pop/rock, indie pop, A/C, country/pop, 'tween pop, country, classical crossover, R&B, EDM, and sound-alikes. My vocals are featured all over TV/film and they have procured cuts with multi-platinum artists all over the world.

VOCAL PRODUCTION: I can arrange and record harmonies and background parts to amp up your demos. We can stack, harmonize, layer, etc. My vocal arrangements can be heard on many TV shows and they have garnered cuts with major artists all over the world.

SONGWRITING FEEDBACK: Every songwriter needs a second opinion, so I'm happy to review your songs for commercial viability in the film/TV sync world and also for international markets. How universal is your message? How creative are your rhyme schemes? How "hooky" is the melody? How is your structure? Is your title memorable?

SONGWRITING: I'm a topliner, so collaborations are welcome! You must be registered with a PRO and I will accept co-writes on a case-by-case basis. All co-writes are even splits and I retain my publishing.

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    Vocal recordings for demo use only. Demo singing includes 1 lead-vocal. Contact me for vocal arranging and additional background vocals. 2 revisions + 1 basic mix included. 3 day turnaround.

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