Singer-Songwriter Programmed drums

Professional drum tracks  - Axel

Buenos Aires

Professional drum tracks

Professional drummer based in Buenos Aires. More than 20 albums recorded as a sideman, 1 album+ EP as a leader and one more to be released soon. I can play accurately your drum parts, or create an awesome one from scratch for your song.

Session Drummer  - Dave

United Kingdom

Session Drummer

Experienced session drummer with over 15 years of performing, recording and writing. All played and produced at my home studio. Ready to help contribute to your record.

Music Artist - Violet

San Antonio

Music Artist

Eclectic Song-Writer, Cinematic Composer.

Session Drummer - Colton


Session Drummer

Hello! My name is Colton Thomas and I would love to add live drums, percussion and programming to your music. Lets work together!

Sonic Magician/ Producer - electron


Sonic Magician/ Producer

Turn your singer/songwriter sketches into masterpieces. Using intuitive synth treatments, acoustic sounds, ethereal elements, beats, samples, otherworldly grooves, shimmering guitars and melodic basslines, your tracks will elevate into higher realms of the sonic heavens.

Music Producer/Beat Maker - SAL•B

Los Angeles

Music Producer/Beat Maker

I'm a producer who graduated from Berklee College of Music majored in Professional Music (Music Production/Contemporary Writing and Production). Sequencing drums and make them sound real is my specialty as well as coming up with "quirky" and edgy beats.

Drums,Vocals, Mix/Master - Aaron


Drums,Vocals, Mix/Master

Billboard quality work at Target pricing!


Session Drummer 20+ yrs/Mixer - Matthew


Session Drummer 20+ yrs/Mixer

I have drummed on over 1800 records in the last 25 years. I own a commercial studio in Albuquerque, where I can help your vision for your songs come to life with the right drum, percussion, programming tracks. I love drums. I love great songs more.

Drummer, Producer, Mixer - Chris


Drummer, Producer, Mixer

With over 10 years experience working professionally, I have recorded in some of the top UK studios (incl: Abbey Road, RAK, The Pool) and have toured globally. Member of UK band Mamas Gun, touring with artists including Lone (R&S), Lucy Rose (Communion) and Nilüfer Yanya (ATO). I have produced works that have had commercial success.

Song Focused Session Drummer  -


Song Focused Session Drummer

This service is unique because, unlike most online drum recording services, Tim Reynolds isn't just an experienced session drummer - he's a top recording engineer too, which means you and your music is in the best hands here. You can feel confident that you'll receive completely bespoke live drums to bring your song to life, at the level you need


Session Drummer  - Francisco


Session Drummer

Hello there! My name is Francisco and I’m a session drummer. 
 Real drums on your songs will make a huge difference and provide a deeper sound to those who will listen. I use modern and vintage drums to get the right sound for your song. The possibilities are endless.

Live Drums, Drum Program, Mix - Carlisle


Live Drums, Drum Program, Mix

Hey im Zack Carlisle. I'm a drummer first and have been mixing and tinkering on and off since 2014. I have taken deep dives into live drum productions and vocal chains - recreating tones of Tame Impala, Motown, The Wall of sound, and even more Hip-Hop oriented material. (J-dilla, Fly-lo, Neptunes). Drums and Vocals chains are the most important!


Drum/Percussion Tracks - Garrett


Drum/Percussion Tracks

Your dream drum track in 3 days.


Session Drummer - Digital

United Kingdom

Session Drummer

Delivering Groove In a Digital Age! My name is Neil Hogan and I’ve been a professional drummer for over 25 years. I offer you the feel of a live drummer on your tracks, with all the benefits of digital samples. Perfectly recorded drum sounds played with great feel and musicianship to compliment your track.


Drummer of World Famous Artist - Chuck


Drummer of World Famous Artist

Recording with Gary Barlow, Elton John, XTC, Seal, Brian Eno, Etienne Daho, Michelle Polnereff, Natalie Imbruglia..... Just want to say Thanks! A lot of what you writers are sending me is great, even inspiring! If I like what you're doing, and it feels right for me, I'll get 110% involved... until we feel it's right!

Drums/Beats/CreativeSounds - Blair

Los Angeles


Do you kind of want some real drums on your song? Is your song really finished without them? I'm trusted by multi platinum artists (Alanis Morissette, Annie Lennox, Melissa Etheridge, Gwen Stefani), indie artists, movie and TV composers in Los Angeles for over 20 years. My focus is the right groove and sounds for your songs.

Super Duper Remote Drum Tracks - Cody


Super Duper Remote Drum Tracks

Most drummers will probably not know what your song is about when they go to press "record". I will though, because I strongly feel that the drum part, feel, tones and production should be both informed by and in service to the song's emotional intent. I study the song first, and then contribute unique-yet-supportive drum and percussion tracks.

Drums/Percussion  - Andrew



I want to provide you with the sound you hear in your head. Nailing the tones and parts that will make your song come to life is my main goal, whether it's live drums, percussion, or programmed drums.

Tasty Drums // HipHop Producer - A




Tasty Drums // HipHop Producer

My name is Logan Todd. I am a 24-year-old, Memphis bred, pocket drummer with five years of international recording, producing, and touring experience. I thrive on executing in high level situations. I've toured with the USO and produced an award winning Hip-Hop album. My primary objective is serving the song. I record remotely.

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