Production Sound Mixer

A good production sound mixer or location recordist will capture the highest quality audio on the set of your production

Producer, singer, mix/master - paintingthesun


Producer, singer, mix/master

Hi, I'm a 19 year old, self-taught producer, song-writer, singer and pianist. One of my tracks has over 2,500 listens on SoundCloud :) email me at


Music Producer, Singing - Alex


Music Producer, Singing

Alex Amarelo is a new rising singer/producer in Portugal, in only 2 years (from 2019 to 2020) he won a multi-talent contest as a producer. The contest was made by a record-label in which he refused the contract because on his words "they wanted all the rights to them, the artist wins nothing". The contest started on Facebook and finished on Insta.

Professional Music Producer - Zain


Professional Music Producer

I will produce, mix and master music to a professional standard.


Music Producer - Tinch


Music Producer

Music for: Fashion Film, Short Film. Beat Maker.

Grammy Nom./ Music Producer - Dario


Grammy Nom./ Music Producer

Hi, Thanks for taking the time to get to this place. I opened this profile to publicize my skills, connect with people who have been fundamental to get where I am, so you can enjoy and know part of my work and above all so that you know that between you and me there is no distance because we are human and we are equal. If in any way I am useful.

producer & guitar player  - jayden

las vegas

producer & guitar player

i have been playing guitar and producing music for 6+ years


Sound, mix, foley, mix, score - Aux


Sound, mix, foley, mix, score

Aux Punch Music is a Taipei based company that offers sound design and film score service, as well as music production for local and international artists. This sound post studio is found in 2015, we believe that sound is an irreplaceable element of enhancing visual experience. Our goal is to make creative sounds that suit well to your film.


Sound for Film/TV - Alberto

San Jose

Sound for Film/TV

Location sound mixer and audio post engineer experienced in film and TV.

Music Producer, Beat Maker - So

Sydney NSW

Music Producer, Beat Maker

So Flawless (Denis Dimitrijevic) is a R&B, Hip Hop & Pop Music Producer, Beat Maker hailing from Sydney, Australia. Incorporating multiple genres within his music, the So Flawless signature sound is a unique blend of 808 heavy trap beats, ambient undertones, R&B chords & emotional melodies whilst keeping consistent with what's current.

Record studio, mix & master - Alexander

Buenos Aires

Record studio, mix & master

Musician, composer, musical arranger, sound editor, mixing and mastering.

Production, Sound, Composing - Jorge


Production, Sound, Composing

My highlights are a soundtrack I made when my name in the credits came up just after Pedro Almodóvar. I also did the music for an international ad for Coca-Cola. I've been producing for 25 years. My dream is to help artists find their sound and to end up being an old man surrounded by orchestras and machines making soundtracks for sad movies.

Remote Post-Production, Mixing - Arthur


Remote Post-Production, Mixing

I am a self-taught audio engineer with 7 years of experience who has worked on a variety of projects, including films, video games, music of many genres, podcasts, and more!


Composer, Mix, Master, Produce - NDL


Composer, Mix, Master, Produce

I compose music, all forms for all lyricist and writers Mix and Master.


Produce, mix & mastering - Rodrigo

San Juan

Produce, mix & mastering

Mixing and mastering online. Turn your music to sound original and with excellent quality.


Sound Man - Salvatore


Sound Man

Production Sound Mixer & Boom Operator. Sound editor for Film/Documentary. Guitarrist & Rock Producer.




Atlantic Provinces (PE)


Presley .E. Isaiah: Official Producer at Hometown Musik Entertainment. Professional Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer, Beat Maker, Mix & Mastering specialist. Produced more than 50 single projects, 2 Extended Playlists (E.P), 2 full-length studio albums.

Engineer Video Musician Writer - McKittrick

Los Angeles

Engineer Video Musician Writer

Years as touring musician and film music selection/creation. Jim Rome used my music as stingers on his show. Production Sound Mixer for commercial, corporate, documentary. Many credits including Steve Aoki - I'll Sleep When I'm Dead - Netflix.


Sound Expert - Maria


Sound Expert

Hello Everyone,


Music producer, Composer  - BarBrawl

Wodonga VIC 3690

Music producer, Composer

Producer / mixer / musician from Australia. I've played and produced music most of my life and just want to help others get to hear there work at the highest quality possible. My preferred genres are Hardcore, Punk rock, Metal (and all it's "cores"), Rock and Ska. however I have dabbled in other genres such as Hip hop and Acoustic.

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