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Photo of Justin "Omaaj" Gammella


Justin Gammella is a songwriter, vocal producer and producer with many releases with major and indie labels.

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Photo of DJCJ

New york based producer/engineer. Audio engineering certificate at touro college NYC. Have been studying sound since 08

Photo of DA Productions

Ex-UB40 producer, engineer, programmer and keyboard player. Worked with a lot of the best recording artists - great fun. Selected discography is available @ www.daproductions.co.uk

Photo of Flux Mastering

Hey, I am an student from Germany who has mastering and mixing experiences since 3 years. I want to get better at mastering engineering so I decided to sign up here to give people who want to get there tracks mastered for free an opportunity to try me out ;) You can only win, because you can still send your audio to an professional.

Photo of DJ Saint-Hubert

Hi, I don't have much experience in mixing/mastering aside from my own tracks but I've been producing stuff more or less from scratch for about a decade. I work almost 100% digitally with either free tools/VSTs or my own custom Reaper JS scripts (mostly more practical stuff than anything)

Photo of Kevin R. Poole

Lets make music. That's what its about after all. Let's work together to get the technology out of the way, and let the message of your music shine through. Live performance or recording capture, musical moments drive human emotion and are at the center of the creative expression. Let's make some music.

Photo of Masbass

I believe in quality, good sound, and emotion.

Photo of David Perotti - Elmsound

My name is David Perotti and I am an audio professional seeking to make your project shine! I do all areas of audio mixing, recording, post-production, drum tracks (I'm a drummer), best micing solutions for recording instruments, producing, arranging musical parts, overdubs, posting to online media, and mastering.

Photo of YKES

Multi-Dimensional producer that will elevate your music to a professional sound. Capable of handling ghost production, assistant production, mixing, mastering, and feedback. I have 5+ years experience in the electronic music industry and have been recognized by some of the biggest names in the business.


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