Dude that'll make your track! - Arjuna


Dude that'll make your track!

With my background of writing, recording, producing and mixing music for Ads, this gives me the advantage of versatility. Having played in numerous bands and collaborating in the studio makes me the perfect mediator between multiple musical personalities. I connect well with people, in life, but especially in musical scenarios. I'm the guy...

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Songwriter, Singer - Bo


Songwriter, Singer

I create catchy melodic and lyrical hooks that create fans.

mix, master, producer - VLUXX


mix, master, producer

I'm an Atlanta based producer and sound engineer, with 5 years experience. I specialize in hiphop, rap, R&B, and EDM. I can work anywhere in the Atlanta area and remotely. contact me and let's take your productions to the next level.

Female Singer, Songwriter - Mary


Female Singer, Songwriter

Singer/Songwriter, Mary Jane is a vocalist, worked with John Legend. Other credits include Lauryn Hill, Fergie, La La Land. For the past 4 years, she has been performing as a supporting vocalist for many of the industries greatest artists.

Mixing and Mastering - Burton


Mixing and Mastering

I have been in the industry for 20 Years. Please check out this spotify playlist that showcases songs that I have mixed and mastered. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1J8XLcMxm6BQMTobWevnAD?si=2aVF8g13REiU4dIdqMIKiA

Mixing-Mastering-Music Produc. - In

United States

Mixing-Mastering-Music Produc.

Hi, my name is Andrew, I'm a mix engineer and producer. After attending classes of Music Production and Sound Design at University and taken courses of mixing and mastering skills, I knew my place in this world was the one you might be looking for some help, production & mixing, two things that for sure will give your work distintion.


Producer Mixing & Rec engineer - Zack


Producer Mixing & Rec engineer

I am a South African music producer, mixing and recording engineer.


Features, Mixing & Mastering, - Volk

San Diego

Features, Mixing & Mastering,

Anytime you need a rap/hip hop feature/cover on a song you can always hit me up! I'll provide a catchy hook or hard verses on any style track. I also do mixing & mastering for all my music, which is currently on all platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, etc.) I'm always willing to work with budgets as well 🤙🏼


Music Producer, Singer - Luis


Music Producer, Singer

I'm a producer that works with lots of genres from cumbia to pop, rock n' roll and even reggaetton. Always in the pursue to get the artist's vision to an even greater place they didn't knew they could get.

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