Top Percussionists for hire

These professional percussionists will bring added grooves, beats, and textures to your track with congas, maracas, tambourines and yes, even cowbell

Percussion For Your Recordings - Daniel



New York

Percussion For Your Recordings

Percussionist and Beat Programmer for Taylor Swift, Norah Jones, The Roots, Michael Brecker and Steely Dan providing excellent Percussion and Drum Tracks for your Songs/Album.

Musico Percusionista - Santiago


Musico Percusionista

Soy Santiago, musico percusionista con una escucha atenta y un abordaje musical artístico de la obra.

Percussion For Your Music.  - HandPercussionTracks

Orange County

Percussion For Your Music.

Hello, my name is Larry. I specialize in remote sessions and offer incredible sounding percussion tracks at affordable rates. To date, I have competed over 1300 online sessions through various platforms. I have extensive credits in film/TV and have worked on projects ranging from the DIY artist to Walt Disney Studios. I offer a 100% guarantee.

African drums Kora Songwriter - Tom



Los Angeles

African drums Kora Songwriter

LA based composer, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer. As a percussionist, I specialize in African, Cuban and Brazilian drumming. I've lived in Togo & Ghana, West Africa, Habana & Matanzas, Cuba and Bahia, Brazil. I've played with Papa Ladji Camara, Mustapha Tetty Addy, Changuito, Giovanni Hidalgo, Los Papines and Afro Cuba.

Ethnic Percussionist, Producer - Onur




Ethnic Percussionist, Producer

Istanbul based Percussionist, Producer, Audio Engineer with 10 years of experience. I can perform very traditional rhythms and also make very modern grooves with improvised percussion solos and compose full beat arrangements for your project. I play darbuka, bendir, frame drums, riq, cymbal, bongos, djembe, cajon. Ready to do my best for your music

Folk/World Percussion Grooves - Facundo



Buenos Aires

Folk/World Percussion Grooves

I provide your songs with unexpected, great sounding percussion colors, imaginative grooves and sounds, with acoustic sensitivity. I am a recording and touring percussionist and drummer with over 20 years of experience working with a wide variety of artists around the globe: U.S.A., Latin America, Europe and Asia. Contact me with your questions!

Studio Conga and Bongo Player - Danilo




Studio Conga and Bongo Player

Multi awarded Latin Grammy nominee, conga and bongo player. Specialized in coloring with three congas.


Vibraphone/Vocals/Songwriting - Rosie





Hi there, I'm Rosie! I'm a percussionist who specializes in vibraphone and mallet percussion. I'm also a vocalist and songwriter.

Tabla Grooves & Percussion   - Mendi



Birmingham UK

Tabla Grooves & Percussion

I started learning the Tabla from the age of 3. Working with array of world class artists which has shaped my life and my style of playing. I performed Tabla with Take That in 2017 on their Wonderland Arena and Stadium UK and Ireland Tour, playing to over half a million people. One of the shows from the O2 arena was broadcasted live in 600 cinemas

Session percussion, Producer - Patrick




Session percussion, Producer

Paris based Tony Allen percussionist with +35 years of session, drumming, producing, engineering and mixing experience. My tracks focus on delivering the best performance of the perfect part for your songs with emphasis on energy, groove, sound, and vibe. Serve the writer's vision and the song by enhancing without ever distracting.

Session Drummer - Nicholas



Muscle Shoals

Session Drummer

I'm a session drummer living in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. I've recorded in studios all across the state and studied with drumming greats such as Thomas Lang, Simon Phillips, Terry Bozzio, Chad Wackerman, Tony Royster Jr., and more. I can get you a professional sounding studio-quality drum track in less than two days.

Drums, beats or programming - Rich




Drums, beats or programming Rock, pop and everything else, I can play drums for you and give that human feel and groove, or program something if the music needs a synthetic beat made.

Percussion, Drummer, Producer - Emilio



São Paulo

Percussion, Drummer, Producer

I am Emilio Martins, Brazilian percussionist, drummer, composer, educator and producer. My main activities are experiments with many different percussions and create new sounds and grooves with that.

Drums, Percussion, Vibraphone - Julian




Drums, Percussion, Vibraphone

Conservatory-trained, improvising, creative, thoughtful, and synesthetic percussionist has experience in genres from Cuban folkloric music to traditional Irish, from flamenco to Mahler, from Donnie Hathaway to Chris Stapleton. With a fresh and versatile perspective, Julian is a dedicated collaborator who brings his full artistry to every project.

MarimbaVibesSteelPanPercussion - MisterRubato



Marimba, Vibes, Steel Drums, and Percussion available for your project!

Percussion & Electronics - Max




Percussion & Electronics

I am a multi-percussionist playing marimba, vibraphone and all kinds of drums & percussion with experience in contemporary, classical, pop, rock, jazz, ambient and electronic music. Constantly searching for new sounds and rhythmical structures I am looking forward to expand your sound and add some percussive arts to your songs.


Session Percussionist - Fernando

Los Angeles

Session Percussionist

Percussion instruments from around the world and a Protools Studio setup ready to customize real percussion tracks for your project, music, film, theater, dance etc... In it’s current configuration, the digital recording setup allows you to bring material you’ve already recorded elsewhere and add that final layer of percussion excitement.

Live Drum Tracks  - Zack




Live Drum Tracks

I want to give your music a dynamic, in-the-moment, human touch. The drums create a sonic space for a song to live in. Let's make it a REAL space.

Percussionist - Brian





Are you seeking a creative drummer, percussionist and composer with a specialty in Indian instruments (tabla and many others), Brian Shankar Adler's work has been described as “profoundly exquisite.” Adler has worked with Bomba de Tiempo, LA Opera, Bombay Rickey, Guillermo Klein, and been featured in Modern Drummer, DownBeat and NPR.

World/Ethnic Percussionist  - Konstantinos


World/Ethnic Percussionist

I am Konstantinos from Greece & I am a professional musician with over 20 years of experience (studio recordings & live performances). I provide a variety of percussions suitable for many genres of music. Specialization in Eastern Mediterranean music.


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