Mixer/Engineer/Producer - Nate



New York


Credited on records totaling well over 100M streams in 2019. Whatever your scale or style of music, I will use my knowledge as an engineer and my creativity as a producer to help shape you're music into the sound you are looking for.

Mixing and Recording Engineer - Eric



New York

Mixing and Recording Engineer

Audio engineer at Platinum Sound Recording Studios, and mixing / running recording sessions on the side. My credits include Lil Durk, Trap Manny, Smoove'L, Pasto Flocco, etc. Former VP of Audio Engineering for Small Town Records. As a perfectionist I will dedicate more time to your record than most engineers would to ensure the perfect sonics!

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Engineer, Session Musician - LUVR



The Hague

Engineer, Session Musician

Multi-instrumentalist, Producer, & Mixing/Mastering Engineer. Discography containing a wide variety of genres from Trap to Folk.

Music Producer - Brandon


Music Producer

I'm 15 years old and I experiment with all kinds of house music. I've been making music for over a year.


Lyrical Rapper, and Producer - ChromeDiaz

New York

Lyrical Rapper, and Producer

I have lyrical rapping capabilities, can rap very fast, into non melodic, fast paced beats, and can produce songs.


Industrial Music Production - Multicore




Industrial Music Production

Dark Industrial Techno, EBM, Darkwave

Music Producer, Songwriter - Yoosuf

Los Angeles

Music Producer, Songwriter

Hello, Everyone!!!! Welcome to my page!!! My name is Yoosuf Blake. I also go by YB The Prophet. I am a music producer/ songwriter. Art is my passion; Music is one of the mediums I choose to express it through. Let me know if I can help assist you with any inquiries or questions. Thank you,

Session Bassist - Ben


Session Bassist

Nashville-based Session Bassist specializing in CCM, Worship, Singer-Songwriter, and Modern Country. I have a degree in Worship Leadership - Music Business and have studio and touring experience.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - MIXLIGHT


Remote Mixing & Mastering

"Sound is life"


Music producer ,Sound Engineer - Mina

Al Golf

Music producer ,Sound Engineer

Professional Music producer work with a lot of top Artists and Agenices.

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