Mastering Engineer - AudibleOddities


Mastering Engineer

AudibleOddities was originally founded in San Francisco during the late 90’s by multi-Grammy nominated mastering engineer, Shawn Hatfield. Passionate about the science and emotion of sound, Shawn’s been fully immersed in the music business for over 20 years and brings a wealth of experience to every project.

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null - Denmark


DMP is a full function studio. Offering the best gear and experience for 25 years

Record and Mix Engineering  - Karien

Cape Town

Record and Mix Engineering

Hi My name is Karien. I am an engineer based in South Africa, but am pushing to do the next big thing. I don't let where I am from hold me back from doing things on an international level of professionalism. I have access to world class gear to work on in Cape Town. I also produce music and artists and am endorsed by Akai Professional.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - MixedByCyril


Remote Mixing & Mastering

I’ll have your song fully mixed and mastered with UNLIMITED REVISIONS *within 30 days*

Best Music - BestMusicStudio


Best Music

Hello There Musicians Studio is equipped with top-notch modern equipment. Massive experience and a top equipment achieves the best sound in available budget. Realize your creative ideas!


null - AUDIO


2 music degrees , over 10 years in music , pro tools operator , omega studios graduate

Session Singer & Top-liner - Elle


Session Singer & Top-liner

Winner of Best Female Solo artist at the Unsigned Music Awards

Music Producer, DJ, & Artist - Nuzzlet


Music Producer, DJ, & Artist

I love people. My goal is to connect. I've been producing for 6 years, I'm one of the most dedicated, stubborn, yet open minded people you will ever meet. I love the energy of a room full of people hungry to dance. I'm a sucker for organic sounds and deep bass wrapped around warm, happy, somewhat tropical vibes. Find my music:


Alt-Pop & Hybrid Trap Producer - Xander


Alt-Pop & Hybrid Trap Producer

For singers & rappers who want help from an award-winning record producer to take their raw demos or ideas into full productions.

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