Guitars, Vocals, Production - Noah


Guitars, Vocals, Production

Major Label Studio Musician and Producer, (Brett Young, Allen Stone,) Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Demo Production, and Songwriting.

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Create tracks: Idea to Song - Whan


Create tracks: Idea to Song

Hi there, Whan here! I have been producing, writing and working on songs for 11 years starting in hiphop, moving to EDM and pop. When it comes to writing(lyrics and toplining) I specialize in Pop/EDM/Hiphop/. I also provide vocals for songs if needed! I worked for eg. STMPED, Universal, Sony and Spinning rec artists and am an proud indie artist!

Recording/Mix Engineer - Dane


Recording/Mix Engineer

I can mix your rough recordings into something polished that will compete and fit in with your favorite playlists. Atlanta, GA.

Mixing & Mastering - RJ

Grand Rapids

Mixing & Mastering

Contact if you want your songs mixed and edited.


Songwriter | coachella 2020 - María


Songwriter | coachella 2020

¡Hola! Soy una songwriter que viene de la poesía. Mi 1ª canción fue la 28 mejor de España según Rockdeluxe. 1 disco publicado con millones de streams (Cariño en perfiles) . Escribo para artistas de Warner y Universal. ¿Te atreves a darle un giro a tus letras? ¡Vamos!

Recording/Mixing Engineer - Marlon

Los Angeles

Recording/Mixing Engineer

Recording/Mixing Engineer with a musical background and I play the trumpet.


Music Producer/Sound Engineer - SHATT3R

New Orleans

Music Producer/Sound Engineer

Credentials are with Helluva, Chris Brown, Tee Grizzley, Stuicide, Cpo Snipe & more(please view in Bio). I produce multiple varieties of music including, Pop, Trap, Hip Hop, Edm, etc.. Mix & mastering including vocal Currently growing from New Orleans, LA. Feel free to check out my work and contact me for custom work!

null - JVH

Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids, MI based producer & engineer. Available for mixing, editing, guitar/keys, video scoring, audio touchup/restoration, ADR editing, mastering for audio and video *I AM NOT A STUDIO.* I do not sell / book studio time, and I do everything on a project basis which means I can't always work with everyone who wants to work with me.


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