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Lab grown diamonds: Celebrating inner & outer diamond beauty

Today, lab-grown diamonds are on the top of popularity overcoming even their natural counterparts. Growing popularity means growing volumes of production and intensified trading exchange. While the price on the synthetic stones decreases the value of competencies on identifying their quality extremely raises. The more diamonds on the market, the more precise attention is needed to warrant the quality and avoid cheating.

Considering this urgent need, Madestones organizes the workshop on lab-grown diamonds quality assurance. Having gathered together the quality experts from the leading jewelry companies worldwide, we intended on discovering the smallest nuances about stone’s characteristics. Our guests will explain the nature of synthetic diamonds, differences between natural, man-made, and false diamonds. They will accent the core points of attention that should be addressed to check whether the diamond is true lab-grown or is not a diamond at all. We equipped a laboratory setting to enable our participants to practice their knowledge. Once you look at the quality markers through the microscope, later you will be able to see the difference without any additional equipment.

Be armed to ensure quality!

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