Mixing and Mastering - Leonardo

Los Angeles

Mixing and Mastering

As an audio engineer, Leonardo ensures the artist connects to the audience and achieves sonic perfection. With extensive knowledge of a vast range of musical genres, along with his ability to provide the support and expertise his clients need, Leonardo is able to help shape the music to the artist's vision. Let's get noisy.

Mix / Master / Compose  - Mike


Mix / Master / Compose

Whether there are 40 million people listening to a live television broadcast or it's your first demo you want to get on Spotify, your project gets the same level of respect, consideration and attention to detail. It is an honor to be at your service.

Mixing, Surround, Soundtrack - Paolo


Mixing, Surround, Soundtrack

State-of-the-art production studios focused on Music Production, Mix, Surround for cinema trailers and films, Sound Design and VoiceOver.

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Vibez of the Future - Les


Vibez of the Future

Forward Thinking Music Production.


Music Producer, Composer - Jamie

New York

Music Producer, Composer

Experimental hiphop, electronic, and pop producer, composer, and audio engineer with a knack for sound design. Inspired by the likes of SOPHIE, Arca, and Shlohmo. Self-produced artist at Dietevil and VØID. Composition heard and performed across NYC's venues. ProTools certified. 8 years experience.

Singer, Songwriter - Dasha


Singer, Songwriter

I write and sing in English & Russian. My main focus is lyrics and vocal arrangements, love to freestyle.


Mixing, engineering, producing - Geeztown


Mixing, engineering, producing

Thanks for considering working with me on your next project. I own a medium sized project studio. My goal is to find out all I can about you and to give you a sound based on who you are and what you like. I'm "Pop" conscious and I understand marketability, but I won't force that on you if you feel like breaking the rules.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Larch


Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Larch Audio is pleased to be able to offer studio services including recording, mixing and mastering.


Creator, Vocalist, Writer - Kiko


Creator, Vocalist, Writer

I compose & write time withstanding concepts for original impressions. Whether executing the project myself or providing services to another my style is metaphorical, witty, true grit & intellectually accredited. I put time into every line to be one unheard, unsung & respected as a work of art. Assembly line product: not my niche. All genres!

Recording, Mixing, Arranging , - Josue79


Recording, Mixing, Arranging ,

Send your raw song and I'll arrange, produce and record for you. Or send your recorded tracks if you need mixing .


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