Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Nel Buio

Mixing, Surround, Soundtrack - Paolo @Audionauta Studios

State-of-the-art production studios focused on Music Production, Mix, Surround for cinema trailers and films, Sound Design and VoiceOver.

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Make Your Sound Huge - Waveshaper Audio

Waveshaper is a boutique studio offering audio production services including Mastering, mixing, sound design and video post-production to musicians, composers and media organisations.

Mixing & Mastering, Producer  - Earport-Media, Germany

Earport-media Team are Michael Schewe and Alexander Tonn. Audio Engineers (SAE Institute), Bachelor of Arts (in Audio Production)

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Mix Asylum

Hi, I am a Degree Standard Mixing/Mastering Engineer working on all genres of music production from the UK. I am passionate about what I do and communication is key to good relationship with other artistes. I have been working with international artistes since I graduated from University in 2013. To me nothing is a problem.

Recording Studio in Barcelona - La Masia Music Lab

Located in a Natural Reserve and only 20 minutes away from Barcelona city center, La Masia Music Lab is a low cost residential music house. Great for songwritting, tracking down your album and mixing.

Songwriter, Lyricist, Vocalist - Sian Alex


Hi! I'm Siân Alex, a professional singer, songwriter and lyricist. I have over ten years experience as a songwriter, performer, and session musician, working in a variety of genres both independently and as a collaborator. I am the singer, songwriter and guitarist for the band Gold Baby and for my solo project Siân Alex.

Woodwind Improviser, Arranger - Aidan J. Furlong

Jazz-trained instrumentalist and composer specializing in electronic, folk, and popular music.

Mixing, arrangements - Boogie Vice

I produce music for myself and got to work with great artists along the way for mixdowns, arrangements and masters.

Cyber Entrepreneur - Shahriar Islam

Cyber Entrepreneur and Journalist.

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