Techno Live drum tracks

Pro session drummers in every genre and tone to lay down live drum tracks on your songs

Music Producer / Beatmaker  - Thay


Music Producer / Beatmaker

I will interpret your idea and produce something with essence, creativity and fluidity. Creations based on textures and wrapping. Working with ambiences and trails focused on the goal.


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Singer - Lin



I am small but my voice is BIG.


Mixing Engineer - Craig



Los Angeles

Mixing Engineer

Mixing engineer in Los Angeles, California

Trance and rap producer - Bryan

Fort Collins

Trance and rap producer

I want to produce trance and one day join anjunabeats.


Producer, Mixing, Vocalist - chriscrutch

Los Angeles

Producer, Mixing, Vocalist

A one-stop-shop of a kind, I can write, record, produce, mix, and deliver your project with masterful taste and a fresh vibe that you'll just have to hear to believe.


Mixing engineer - Joey


Mixing engineer

Hi, need a simple mix thats not too much longer than the average and common length of a pop song on the radio nowadays? I can do that :) Anything longer than 5mins, its going to take longer than a week sorry.


Session and live drumming  - Jason




Session and live drumming

I've recorded drums and percussion on over 100 albums. I am motivated by finding the right part for each song. Feel, groove, and musicianship are at the heart of what I do every time I sit down at the drum set. I focus on finding the right tones and getting the best performance for your track.

Remote Mixing & Mastering  - Anguish


Remote Mixing & Mastering

I'm an home-based mixing and mastering engineer trying to always get more experienced in this field. Since I'm not a fully seasoned pro, I offer my job for young musician trying to get their music professionally mixed and/or mastered.

Mixing & Online Mastering - Jingle


Mixing & Online Mastering

you are the musician, we are your mixing.

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