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Hi, I'm Yang, the founder of BoKeh Sound Arts. I've been in the music production field for almost 6 years
Our main service will be "Mixng" , "Film/Theatre Scoring and "Sound Design".
To us, what we try to do is like a photographer try to arrange different elements within the frame. Our first goal is to make your own music sounds more creative and innovative at an affordable and reasonable price.

All you need to do:
1. Tell what you need by the "Contact" button
2. Send your file (wav. , omf. or entire Cubase session)
3. We will talk over the project ( What's your expectation & What we gonna do)
4. Processing (Might takes 4-10 days, depends on the length and the track account)
5. Mixdown (We'll give you a wav. file, and you can assign the sample rate you want or it will be 48khz/32 bit float , if you want the whole session. Please let us know)

Price rate:(Average)

Mixing : $350 (per song)
Producing: $450 (per song)
Scoring:$400 (per song)

*All services will be charged 50% before the session due to the time cost.

Contact us:

What we've done:

You can also use the "Contact" button to let us know your needs.

Looking forward to work with you

Send me a note through the contact button above.


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Song by 白老庵 Cat Study

I was the Mixing Engineer in this production

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We'll provide 2 revision chances

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