Guitarist/Producer/Engineer - John



With 10 years of professional experience as a touring/studio musician and producer, I am passionate about helping translate the vision of my clients from starting ideas to completed works. Using only professional gear and having access to world-class facilities, I spare no expense in ensuring the quality your project deserves.

Big Brand EDM Producer - Hilliard


Big Brand EDM Producer

I'm a 28-year-old EDM Producer for big brands including Google, Lululemon, Secret Deodorant, and Currito. I've been producing for 7+ years and have been accepted/released music as an artist on EDMS, BeastTrap, Frequency, and more. I've used SoundBetter to finish multiple tracks, so I understand what artists really need!

Mix/Master/Producer - Justin



YOUR vision is MY vision. Wherever you are, I will have the mix ready. I am a music producer stationed in both Philadelphia, PA and Toms River, NJ. I have always exceeded expectations and had every client proud of the finished product. Versatile and personable production.

Producer, Mixing and Mastering - Travis


Producer, Mixing and Mastering

Having worked with and been trusted by many of the industry greats like Snoop Dogg, DMX, and Jadakiss, I'm confident I can take your music to the next level. I will elevate your project creatively, sonically and professionally. I have worked on several Billboard charting albums and would love to help make your project be the next!

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