Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with juvinile

Mixing & Mastering - Vic

I can make you sound like a million bucks!

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Tracking and mixing, analog  - Elad Berliner , Studio Art Evolution

I enjoy working with all sorts of artists in different genres, tracking and mixing, and getting involved in production. Not afraid to explore new territories, push the boundaries and just follow the instinct. Artists like working with me because I'm easy going, and I am honest and encouraging to them.

Mixing & Mastering, Musician - Jason Joyal

Need some audio work? I got it! I am multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, and mix/mastering engineer who delivers high quality and professional audio to all clients in a quick turnaround.

Music Producer, Vocalist - Brad Blackburn

Singer, Songwriter, Producer. Proficient in Logic Pro X.

music producer, master/mixing - Maaze

I'm a music producer, vocalist, song writer and mixing/mastering. Specialized sound engineer, therefore my mixing and mastering skills.

Bangers and Jams - Fabian

Hi, I'm Fabian and I love music and improving things. After spending the last 10 summers in front of my DAW, I feel ready. Let's make better music today! Hit me up with your project.

Songwriter/Topliner/Singer - Caroline Watkins


Nashville-based singer-songwriter with 10+ years professional experience in country music, pop, and more.

Session vocalists, Songwriters - KADY

We write songs and sing them.

Session Musician for recording - Justina Hodgson

I am a classically-trained musician who can play all genres. I'm a studio musician who has played on many movie sound tracks; made my debut at Carnegie Hall in 2005. My strengths are improvisation & sight-reading. Whether you have a ready-made part for me to record, or need me to make up my own part for your song, I am versatile and can do either!

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