Cello & Strings - Joe




Cello & Strings

Principal chair in Oscar® -nominated soundtrack "Jackie" (Mica Levi), and many other sessions: Bryan Tyler, Jonny Greenwood, Jeffery Lewis, Aphex Twin, Johnny Flynn, Floating Points. I was a member of a professional string quartet for many years, performing regularly at London's Wigmore Hall as well as other esteemed concert halls worldwide.

Honesty/heart/love of music - Jeremy



East London

Honesty/heart/love of music

I'm a producer & artist from London. As a solo artist & with my band Summer Camp I have millions of plays on Spotify, and I've supported The Shins, Robyn, Vampire Weekend, Haim and Metronomy. I've even accompanied legend Daniel Johnston onstage! My songs have appeared everywhere from a Netflix Christmas film to one of Tyler, The Creator's mixtapes.

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Audio Engineer - Momen


Audio Engineer

Creative Audio Engineer with 8 years of recording and mixing experience. Areas of expertise include Mr Mix Studio and freelance. Talented at quickly setting up equipment and utilizing special software to mix and edit tracks, including ProTools and Fl Studio. Tech-savvy and hardworking with excellent troubleshooting abilities..

Music Producer & Studio Works - OTANTIC


Music Producer & Studio Works

Music Producer, Composer, Beatmaker, Musician, Audio Engineering, Mixing & Mastering


Music Producer and Sample Make - Enzo

New York

Music Producer and Sample Make

Hey there! My name is Enzo Gran. I am a filipino music producer based out of the tri-state area (NJ/NY) and a sample maker. I specialize in a multitude of genres such as hip-hop, R&B, and indie. My sound relies heavily on mimicking analog sounding tracks while piecing together modern elements.

Songwriter, Lyricist, Musician - Clayton



Brisbane QLD

Songwriter, Lyricist, Musician

As a songwriter I have had over 2,000,000 streams on Spotify in the genre of Pop. I have also received radio play across the globe.

Singer & VO Actor - Versatile - Roxanne

Los Angeles

Singer & VO Actor - Versatile

Heartfelt, powerful, sensitive, versatile. Wide range of styles, from country to rock to jazz (really!).


Producer, Mixer, Guitar player - Pablo

Costa Rica

Producer, Mixer, Guitar player

My name it's Pablo Calvinisti. I'm a producer, mix engineer and guitar player. More than 15 years in music industry, with Berklee online studies and a Bachelor's Degree in Music.

 writer singer producer mixer  - KemorTherapyProductions361

Corpus Christi

writer singer producer mixer

my ears and hands are my hands special attributes. take a chance and work with me to see just what i mean .


Music Recording & Production - Nels


Music Recording & Production

The Pie recording studios is designed to cater to independent and label artists alike while always achieving a major label sound. Multiple Grammy's and 1 Academy Award winning song have been produced at the Pie.

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