Music Producer, Songwriter, - D.

North Carolina

Music Producer, Songwriter,

I'm a performing artist known as "Lef?" but I've also been a session and performance drummer, as well as a producer for several DC and NC artists. If you're interested in creating something unique to you, then we should work.

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Music Producer - Sir


Music Producer

Once you get a service, you will reach back again.


I rap, sing and write  - Folayan



Los Angeles

I rap, sing and write

Hi I’m Folayan! If you need some sweet vocals or a rapper that pops on your song, I got you covered.


Songwriter and Composer  - isadora

United States

Songwriter and Composer

As a songwriter my goal is to write hits, I'll compose the perfect song that tells your story.

Recording Studio/Mix/Master - produzionirumorose

25015 Desenzano del Garda

Recording Studio/Mix/Master

I love good music, is not the genre that matters, is the way you do what you do. I love adding something mine to the music like a producer but I can be also a sound engineer who makes the job without interfering with the artistic direction.


Let's add spice to your sound. - Samuel



Las Vegas

Let's add spice to your sound.

If you need a chickin' pickin', old school country lovin', Southern Soul, Louisiana good ole' boy, who grew up on Texas blues, Buck Owens, Roy Clark, Chet Atkins, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, with a hefty dose of 60's hippie rock, 70's glam, 80's pop, and 90's alternative, then I'm your man!

Mixing &  Mastering - CVNH


Mixing & Mastering

Mixing & Masteirng


Audio Engineering  - Medicinal

Saint Louis

Audio Engineering

Experienced in all essential aspects of working with sound, including acoustics, tracking, editing, MIDI sequencing, configuring signal flow, microphone choice and placement, dynamic signal processing, equalization, and mixing among many other areas, I am eager to bring my experience, knowledge, and professionalism to a creative team.

Mixing and Mastering - Bobby

Las Vegas

Mixing and Mastering

I am a music producer who specializes in mixing and master as well as creating full production for clients looking to push their songs and records to the next level .


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