Songwriter,Vocals,Comping,Mix - Jimmy



Los Angeles


Jimmy Burney (aka J. Burney), Multi Grammy Nominated songwriter, vocal producer & singer. He has delivered inspiring performances as soon as he heard his first note. He's had the opportunity to work & collaborate with top producers, songwriters & artist including Rodney Jerkins, Diane Warren, Babyface, Demi Lovato, Charlie Wilson, & many others.

Producer, Songwriter, Mixer - Matt

Los Angeles

Producer, Songwriter, Mixer

Grammy nominated songwriter engineer producer

Music Producer - Mike


Music Producer

I'm Mike Dylan. At the heart of how I record and mix, is the artist's vision for their music. Vocal quality, ad libs, and any necessary FX are given special attention. Mastering services are also available!

Producer/Engineer/Mixer - Neil



Neil's passion is in helping to develop independent artists. He spent the early years of his career as the in-house Producer/Engineer for Revival Entertainment Group (owned by Shawn Milke of Alesana). He then moved to Portland, OR to work as the full time Engineer for Producer Kris Crummett.

Singer/Songwriter & Voiceover - Chel

Los Angeles

Singer/Songwriter & Voiceover

Hey! I'm a singer/songwriter and voice-over artist. Look forward to connecting. -Chel


Music Producer - Ilan


Music Producer

I want to make your ideas real.

Producer, Song Writer, Mixing - Joel


Producer, Song Writer, Mixing

Hi my name is Joel Faviere, I love my job and I have lots of passion for what I create.

Recording/Mixing studio, ADS - Hewlett


Recording/Mixing studio, ADS

Great music isn't just made from notes played on your instrument. You need a great environment. We offer a combination of world class gear, a comfortable work and lounge area, a relaxing atmosphere, and a capable staff that can work with an artist of any level. You should feel great when you come to make music.

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