SongWriter - Joall



Being a published Independent artist gives me insight in what most artists are looking for. Writing music is not just about a song structure there's many variables at play such as mood and musical climate, the sounds and frequencies of the times and era. Me knowing this I feel gives me an advantage when working with a clients.

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Music producer, Sound designer - Ferry

Hoàn Kiếm

Music producer, Sound designer

Hi I'm Ferry, I can produce music in almost any genre.Custom, personalized and original. I've experienced years in working with major audio production house in Jakarta, Indonesia as music composer, sound designer, digital audio editor and voice over talent focusing on tv, radio, cinema, digital ads projects.

Producer, Mixing & Mastering - S.D


Producer, Mixing & Mastering

'SD Mastering is the mixing & mastering service provided by artist Samuel D. Whilst being known for mixing & mastering albums with acclaimed artists, he also has a full academic education in sound engineering, is the 2nd half of the rap formation 'AntiCalm' and has worked with industry giants such as Brandon Friesen & Roo Pigott In LA.'

Producer, Remixer, Mixer - Djemba

Los Angeles

Producer, Remixer, Mixer

My tracks have been signed by Major Labels as Spinnin Records, Armada, Revealed, Protocol, Musical Freedom, Universal Records etc. I am really creative and always deliver work that is ready to be signed!

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Paul


Remote Mixing and Mastering

I am a musician and engineer based in Denton, TX. I work with local bands recording live performances and mixing their songs for promotion.


Mixing, Pre-Mastering - SOUNDEVOTEE


Mixing, Pre-Mastering

Mixing guy make your music more great.


30 years mixer/producer - Frank


30 years mixer/producer

Worked on over 700 album projects. World wide number ones on Billboard. I work fast in all genres--everything from Metal to Bluegrass. Get me your .Wav files and I will kill it!!! I always root for the underdog!! Good and interesting music is what makes the world go round!! I will mix anything baby!!

Recording artist, producer.  - Jamie


Recording artist, producer.

I have been in many bands over the years and performed live on television in New Zealand on C4, appeared on Nightline, and a TV programme called Tonight. I have performed in Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, The Netherlands, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, and New Zealand (in which I have also done a national tour in a band.)


Song Producer - Peele


Song Producer

I'm a drummer and songwriter, play good rhythm guitar and acoustic, some bass and keys. I'm also available as a mixer or producer. I use Logic 10. I have tracks up at both written/produced/mixed, and produced/mixed.

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