Singer/Songwriter/Top-liner - Inna



Singer/Songwriter with National Radio, TV/Film, and Commercial Placements. I enjoy singing demos and have been doing it for 13 years. Versatile and flexible. Will work with you to achieve the perfect sound you are hoping for. I record my vocals with a Billboard-charting producer at a pro studio setup. (no additional cost to you)

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Session Keyboardist            - Pedro


Session Keyboardist

I'm a keyboardist and composer for 20 years. I have specialized in rock and metal. I have played in the past with bands like Battlehorn and Golgotha. I am currently the keyboardist for the doom/death band Helevorn. I have worked several times in the recording studio and also I record my keyboard lines in my home studio.

Recording, Mixing - TruSimon


Recording, Mixing

Creative Mind, Soundconnoisseur

Editing, Mixing and Mastering - Antonio


Editing, Mixing and Mastering

Specialized in sound editing, I graduated with a BA in Sound Engineering/Music Production from SAE Oxford and more recently with a MSc in Sound Design from the University of Edinburgh. I'm an all-around engineer and I work on all kinds of projects: music, films, videogames...

Session violinist/violist - Giovanni


Session violinist/violist

Session violinist and violist, with 20+ years of recording, engineering and writing experience. My tracks focus on delivering the best performance with emphasis on sound, rhitmic precision and energy, to give your strings a power boost. My goal is to serve the writer's vision and enhance the song.

Remote Mixing and Mastering,  - Julia


Remote Mixing and Mastering,

I am a music production student, with a specialist interest in mixing and mastering, and post recording work. I am currently looking to increase my portfolio of work, and have a variety of facilities available to me to work in.


Editing, Mixing & Mastering - Toufic


Editing, Mixing & Mastering

I'm an Audio Engineer based out of Lebanon. My goal is to craft moderate sounding songs into big-budget sounding records. Doesn’t matter what tools I have at my disposal, I will make your music shine as it should.

null - JVH

Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids, MI based producer & engineer. Available for mixing, editing, guitar/keys, video scoring, audio touchup/restoration, ADR editing, mastering for audio and video *I AM NOT A STUDIO.* I do not sell / book studio time, and I do everything on a project basis which means I can't always work with everyone who wants to work with me.


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