Recording/Mixing/Mastering - Brian





15 years working with musicians, performing and engineering. I engineer recordings in studios or at my home, mix recordings and record overdubs at my home, and connect singer/songwriters with professional musicians. I can get impressive mixes out of clients' home recordings in a majority of cases.

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Mix&Master Engineer  - Juvy13[PSB]


Mix&Master Engineer

Hi my name is Junior Albert Baralonga born in Budapest based in London. I'm a sound engineer, active since 2011.My main genre is Hip-Hop,Trap and R&B but I'm always looking for some challenge.I'll deliver quality,loud and clear sound ASAP. I offer: - editing - mixing - mastering I'm looking forward to work with you.

I'm a sound engineer. - Cenk


I'm a sound engineer.

music is the answer


Music Production - dafidi


Music Production

" haven't thought as much"


Singer, Topliner, Producer - Lou



Los Angeles

Singer, Topliner, Producer

Professional Music graduate from Berklee College of Music with songwriting concentrate. Originally from London, now based in LA! I'm a Vocalist, Songwriter and Producer with the pop duo Valencia. 600K+ Spotify Streams.

I'm a Mastering Engineer - Le


I'm a Mastering Engineer

I've been making records for 30 years. I have platinum and gold records, as well as awards for technical achievement. I began my career as a recording engineer, then becoming an in-demand mix engineer. I was also a member of the Sony Music Publishing writers team. Mastering was a passion that became a reality! My collective skills make me who I am.

SongWriter, Mixing Engineer  - Danny


SongWriter, Mixing Engineer

My goal is to make your vision come to life, I have songs that have been signed to amazing labels and I would love to assist you on your next track!


Session Drummer, Producer  - Trevor



Los Angeles

Session Drummer, Producer

My name is Trevor Lawrence Jr. and I am a Producer and session Drummer in Los angeles . My clients include: Dr. Dre, Eminem, Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, Anthony Hamilton, Melissa Etheridge, Leann Rimes, Kendrick Lamar and many many more.

Mixing & Streaming your music - RW

Sydney NSW

Mixing & Streaming your music

With over 10 years of experience in the industry with jobs ranging from an assistant studio engineer to working in Universal Music Studios as a senior engineer on projects including sound design, music production and sound for film, I'll mix your track and stream the process live so we can collaborate on it together!


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