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Films, TV and Media Composer. Producer in a variety of genres. Pro Session Musician on Traditional instruments: Oud, Cumbus, Saz, Baglama, Bouzouki, Tin & Low Whistle, Clarinet, Guitars, Upright Bass etc. Mix & Mastering Engineer. Check me out: https://dimitrispapageorgioumusic.com/


I am a composer writing music for Films, TV and Media, a songwriter, a singer and a multi-instrumentalist on many traditional stringed and woodwind instruments and also guitars, basses and percussion.

Among others that you can listen to on my album’s reel, I can provide a wide range of World, Folk & Traditional music recorded with live folk/traditional instruments, original sounding and also hybrid versions with beats, cinematic & film atmosphere mixes too.
I’m working non-stop on new projects and genres.

I’ve worked for BMG, Universal, Beyond Music, Twisted Jukebox, Gothic Storm, Songs To Your Eyes, Vimusica Music, Flipper Music, Indiesonics, Music Sculptor, D.A Production Music, ARC Music, Klangidee Music, Earmotion, Absolute Music, Arms Music, American Music, Westar Music, Soundideas, Hollywood Trax, APL Publishing, The Swimming Pool, LiftMusic, Scout Music, Motion Focus Music, John Fulford Music, HDMUSIC Now, Epitome Music, Scorekeepers among others and I’m working non-stop, trying to expand and be better in what I do.


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I prefer to discuss everything with the artist and see what we can do together.

Creativity is first so let's talk about the rest when we'll discuss your project!

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