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Mixing & Mastering Facility - BVCKYARD

BVCKYARD is a new generation of sound engineering studio, based in the very hearth of Moscow. As DJs ourselves, we are focused on club-oriented electronic music such as House, Trap and Techno, providing high-quality mixing & mastering services all around the globe.

TopLiner/Songwriter - thisisnotahobby

Hello I am part of a songwriting duo ..called 'THISISNOTAHOBBY" ..Hip Hop, R&B and Pop Music ..Work with your budget to try and create a hit for "SPOTIFY or APPLE Music ".....

Songwriter, vocalist  - Leeza


Hi - I'm a singer/songwriter based in Brooklyn. I'm also available for vocal production. My style is more laid back (Sade, Alicia Keys) with good range. I just love to create and contribute so let's make music!

Analog Mixing & Mastering - Smoke Signal Productions

I mix and master entirely analog. I have a very clear and simple approach to music, and I am able to engineer your music to stand the test of time, even against your standards!

Music Producer & DJ - Mason Lister

21 Years Old, Producing Music since the age of 12 - and have worked with a wide range of artists including Joel Fletcher, Reece Low, Shortround, Restricted just to name a few. Most of my original work is under Will Sparks' record label 'Clubwrk', with recent signings also to Revealed Recordings.

Beat Maker, Vocalist, Mixer - Lil Nucleus

Lil Nucleus, a creative mastermind, genius, and innovator.

I sing and write songs - Desta Haile

Soul, jazz, & reggae are my favourites but I’ve worked all around the world with artists spanning pop, salsa, Turkish R&B, rap & more. My last gig was at the Royal Albert Hall & I’ve composed for UNESCO. I’ve done Backing vocals for Grammy winners & nominees, toured from U.S to Tanzania and New Zealand.

Session Musician - Nick Rosaci

I am an Orlando-based musician, and have worked with all the theme parks, as well as dozens of celebrity performers all over the world. I'm a full-time professional on upright and electric basses, as well as tuba, and a few other, more unique instruments.

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