Reggaeton Game Audio

These professional game audio designers and game sound composers will craft original songs, beats, SFX, and dialogue for your game

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Mixing Engineer, Drummer - Rickard


Mixing Engineer, Drummer

Play drums and do audio engineering in a band called Twenty One Two. Decided to start help others with audio engineering services after 10 years doing it for myself only.


Time Quantiz & Pitch Tunning - Nicolas

64000 Pau

Time Quantiz & Pitch Tunning

You need your vocals to sound perfect in your track before the mix. I quantiz and pitch your vocals to make them sound perfect, smooth, natural and professional.

Mix Engineer - Josef


Mix Engineer

Already recorded your song? Just need someone to mix and master? Even from across the world? Look no further.


Producer mixer pianist drummer - Harry


Producer mixer pianist drummer

Hello my name is Harry Aponte. I am a music producer and multi instrumentalist that can help you with what ever your music needs are it doesn't matter what style it is.

Mix Mastering/Audio&Video Prod - Kiami


Mix Mastering/Audio&Video Prod

I can work In any situations & people, in a short time I can convocate the people that you need for your needs In any place of the world (If can be posible).


Recording studio, Mixing - Velvet


Recording studio, Mixing

Professional recording and production studio with great acoustics, gear and staff. Located in one of the best spots in Bogota, Colombia.


Session and Recording Drummer - Antonio


Session and Recording Drummer

Hi, my name is Antonio and I'm a professional drummer from Italy. I record drum tracks from my home studio. I can play any style and can record your song with or without a metronome. Can't wait to work together!


Session Vocalist/Guitarist - Ren


Session Vocalist/Guitarist

Vocal and guitar tones with a difference for your tracks. Tonally and stylistically unique sounds to enhance your vision.


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