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These professional game audio designers and game sound composers will craft original songs, beats, SFX, and dialogue for your game

Session Guitarist, Producer - Zack


Session Guitarist, Producer

I am a multi-genre session guitarist and music producer. If you are looking for a new and current sound for your project, contact me to discuss the vision for your project.

Highly Skilled Music Producer - Soutir


Highly Skilled Music Producer

I am having experience of arranging and producing songs and jingles for various music labels for more than 7 yrs. Production with highest quality and creativity is my prime focus.... Best Plugins/Sample Libs -> Incredible Quality -> On-time Delivery!!!


Producer, Studio, Mix Engineer - Ben


Producer, Studio, Mix Engineer

ASCAP Award-winning Producer, Mixer, Songwriter, and Composer (Lady Antebellum, Loretta Lynn, Blake Shelton, The Voice.) 15+ years experience in producing modern tracks for artists, songwriters, television, film, and games. Behind the scenes, I'm very honest with my clients and raise the bar of creativity to the highest level possible.

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Recording Studio - Hohm


Recording Studio

Specialising in recording, editing, mixing and mastering.

Mixing & Mastering - KC


Mixing & Mastering

I have a B.A. in Music Production and an MFA in Sound Design, but that means nothing if you are not happy with your mix. I've been mixing music for about 10 years personally and I have the right tool set and knowledge to provide you with an industry standard mix. My job is to take your ideas and bring them to life.


Production, Mixing, Mastering - Yoo


Production, Mixing, Mastering

Yoo Soo Kim is producer, songwriter, and mixing/mastering engineer whose work has been featured in NPR, Nissan, BMW, Stella Artois, Alternative Press, and BMW among others. His background as a multi-instrumentalist who's played in orchestras, rock bands, and pop groups has brought him praise for creating and shaping dynamic, engaging songs.

Singer/Violinist/Pianist - Lauren

North Hollywood


Hi! My name is Lauren, and I am an experienced singer, songwriter, violinist and pianist. I grew up playing classical violin and piano, and eventually gravitated to singing and writing in the pop world. I have a love for melody and recording, and I'm available for session work. Fun fact: I have perfect pitch!


Mix/master, producer, bassist - Eric

Los Angeles

Mix/master, producer, bassist

I'm a music producer and mix engineer with a diverse catalog. I can can produce many styles including Urban,pop,rock,and Jazz to name a few. I'm also an accomplished session and live Bass player. I'm looking forward to producing and mixing the product you've been waiting for !

prod,sesion,perc/drum,beats - Beto

Buenos Aires


Musico Profesional, Sesionista( Luciano Pereyra, Ismael Serrano; Axel , Soledad etc) Percusionista y Baterista , Arreglador y Productor. Creó Laubril Music laboratorio para producción, grabación de baterías y percusiones para muchísimos proyectos. Creador de Beats y Loops con instrumentos creados x el y audios propios !! Perkut0r Loops !!!

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Jon


Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Hello friends, Jon Mattingly here. A music producer/engineer working production and post production for music recording and audio for film. Music is filled with energy, emotions and excitement. A great mix is an extension of those emotions within your music. I'm passionate about helping you achieve "radio-ready" mixes.

Recording, Mixing & Mastering  - Jason


Recording, Mixing & Mastering

Over twenty five years industry experience in audio, including projects for clients in advertising, film and game production, producing artists, recording, mixing, re-mixing, mastering, editing and sound design.

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