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These professional game audio designers and game sound composers will craft original songs, beats, SFX, and dialogue for your game

Music Producer - Anne


Music Producer

Music producer, songwriter, composer.


MusicComposer & SoundDesigner - Joel


MusicComposer & SoundDesigner

Music Composer for Commercials, Games, Films or any media


Music producer, drummer, beat  - Mixer_drummer


Music producer, drummer, beat

HI! I am Max. I am composer and music producer.


Multi-instrument Producer - VicRoseInfinite


Multi-instrument Producer

I support your vocals with multiple instruments and drum sounds. Songwriters and female singers most preferred.


Vocalist, composer - Nicklas


Vocalist, composer

Looking for a collaboration to create trap, chillout or ambient? Are you a game developer or movie producer looking for soundscapes? Or perhaps you want deep male vocals with a nerve for your latest song?


Music Producer and Musician.  - HawkJammin


Music Producer and Musician.

5 years of locking myself in my room and producing tracks for hours every day. How do I do it? Music is limitless, music is life, I love what I do and it would be great to work with you, let's create some groovy music.

I'm a composer and a producer - Luc


I'm a composer and a producer

Hi, i'm a french artist. I'm not really specialize in one style, for me it's the personality of a song that is the most important. That's always what i'm looking for in my work, something that can impact the audience but who is also poetic and original.


mix master | music producer | - zhulmi

Navi Mumbai

mix master | music producer |

can make your mode dab


Producing Electronic Music - Charles


Producing Electronic Music

I'm producing mostly electronic music since 2005 - recording albums by the name "Fake Plastic Heads" and "Arueris". Electronic dance music with bits of experimental and ambient flavors.

Producer / Composer / Mixer - Chris


Producer / Composer / Mixer

Hi there! Chris here,I've been producing ambient/electronic music under the pseudonym "Ion Stream" for the past 4 years, releasing several professional albums and EP's. I'm very interested in branching out and making music for film/TV, and videogames.


Piano, Composition - carsaun

United States

Piano, Composition

Who is carsaun? Heh... well at least you are asking the right questions.


bass guitar, beats, mixing - swoozydolphin


bass guitar, beats, mixing

I play the Ableton (and bass)


Sound designer/Mixing Engineer - droweaudio


Sound designer/Mixing Engineer

Sound designer and mixing engineer working to clarify audio for artists and visual media platforms. I have worked as the sole audio lead on numerous albums, animations, and a video game. If the job can't be done by myself I can guarantee my clients I'll find someone who can help get things done.


Cinematic Composer / Producer - Virtual

New York

Cinematic Composer / Producer

Multi-instrumentalist composer and producer with a special interest in ASMR sound textures, dreamy soundscapes, and film scores.


Music Producer - Hussain


Music Producer

If you are looking for that new, modern sound in Pop, R&B, and Hip Hop...I'm your guy! Currently working with Major artist like 916frosty, Kofi and J o r d a n, I can create your song from scratch or build a full arrangement around your lyrics/vocal ideas. Hit me up and let's talk, I'm here to help :)


Music Producer, Audio Engineer - Ramiro


Music Producer, Audio Engineer

7 years producing electronic music on Ableton Live. 4 years working as Sound Engineer at a professional recording studio.

Singer, Songwriter, Producer - Feiloka,

Sydney NSW

Singer, Songwriter, Producer

I'll deliver a good catchy song line (think Jewel, Sara Bareilles, Feist), or a custom ambient track (think drone, meditation music), or both!


Music Producer / Movie Scoring - George


Music Producer / Movie Scoring

India based multi-genre Music Producer with an exceptional taste for Movie and cinematic scoring!

Collaborative Editor - Adam

Kansas City

Collaborative Editor

Bring your audio to life! Whether it's a multi-track album, podcast, or audio book narration, I will help take your audio to the next level with professional mixing and mastering of your tracks. With experience in my own creative projects, I know just what it takes to make your project perfect.


Versatile Music Producer  - Electric

2000 Maribor

Versatile Music Producer

Expect exceptional mastery in downtempo relaxation remixes, lo-fi jazzy grooves and dub-reggae style. Downtempo healing master.

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