remote mixing & mastering - DOMRAFA

São Paulo

remote mixing & mastering

Producing all kind of sounds, mixing & mastering your sound or I can make a beat for you.

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Demo Singer - Vanessa


Demo Singer

Professional demo singer and singer/songwriter


Singer-Songwriter - Mandé



Aspiring singer-songwriter that believes that there needs to be more young representation, especially regarding ethnicity in the music/showbiz industry.

Music Producer - GHOST


Music Producer

I sell music anonymously with complete ownership.


Recording Studio Services - Beast


Recording Studio Services

Recording studio, managed by Ukrainian producer/songwriter Dimitry Pavlovskiy

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Victor


Remote Mixing & Mastering

I make art with your art.


Rap Beat Producer - Quality


Rap Beat Producer

We strive to create unique and professional rap instrumentals ​to help music artists express their creativity and inspire people World-Wide.

Vocal Producer and Engineer - Saint


Vocal Producer and Engineer

I specialize in making you sound amazing! I am vocal producer and engineer that can take your songs to the next level of creativity, professionalism and polish.

Singer-Songwriter, Music Prod. - Taylor

Los Angeles

Singer-Songwriter, Music Prod.

I am a Dove Award Nominated Recording artist, Music producer, and Singer-Songwriter featured on songs with Drake, Lecrae, Trip Lee, Bobby Lytes, Hopp, and many more. I have also written and produced songs for EMPIRE on FOX, Virtue, OMG Girlz, Drumline 2, The Fosters, and many other shows on the ABC Network.

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