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Mix & Master Prod. Dolby Atmos - JoiMusic

Mix, master, produce, remix in all genres. All Standard Stereo Mix & Master include UNLIMITED Free Revisions. Professional Standard Stereo or Dolby Atmos mixing & mastering service that takes your music sound better or beyond stereo mixing, into the immersive world of Dolby Atmos.

EDM Remixer - prod. by whale

I make music.

EDM Mixing & Mastering - Dusan Jovcic

Welcome to ADD Sound Engineering. I am Dusan Jovcic, I am an SAE-alumni mixing & master engineer specializing in EDM mix & mastering, signed to Spinnin Records and did mix and mastering for top record labels like Spinnin’ Records, Universal Music, Revealed Recordings, Armada Music and many more!

Music Producer, Mixer - Jeff McCullough


This kid started in the studio at the age of 13 and 35 years later I have produced over 600 songs in 31 languages. My songs are streaming in 100 countries. I have been blessed to work with an eclectic list of major and indie artists. Every song gets the same attention and commitment to excellence. Lets make music together

Audio Engineer, Music Producer - Irmak Akan

Audio perfectionist, music enthusiast, creative mind..these are the best 3 things that describes Irmak Akan. More than 15 years experience in music production and audio environments. Certified audio engineer. Specialist in electronic music production, remixing, mixing, editing and sound design. Good experience with many analog and digital gears.

Producer, Mix/Master Engineer - ORGN SOUND

Worked with: ФЛМ DeLover CA$PLXG MaxBalla Plinofficial Самир Макс Корж SLAVA MARLOW T-Fest Palagin Ridead SIE$TY

AudioEngineer & MusicProducer - CLC LAB

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