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beatmaker , Mixing Engineer

I am a professional mixing engineer and Beatmaker. I work on a variety of styles / genres - ranging from POP Style to TRAP. Take a look at my reviews below to see what the artists think of working with me!

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Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Felipe

São Paulo

Mixing and Mastering Engineer

Felipe has been involved in audio production since 1998, with a short experience in audio post-production for advertising and a full hands on experience in music mixing and mastering. He's worked with The Mission, Los Hermanos, Só Pra Contrariar, Marcelo Nova, among other important names and recording majors in the Brazilian music industry.

Vocals - Songwriter - Producer - Lindsay

San Francisco

Vocals - Songwriter - Producer

I want to support you to make your music a breathing force, full of energy and life. I'm a heart-centered human who believes in writing authentically. Always about a good hang. My voice is airy and mysterious. Dreamy, etherial synth keys are my go to. Hope we can connect soon!


Engineer/Producer - Alix

New York City


The science & art of mixing is a never ending lesson

Sound edition, Audio Engineer, - Gerard


Sound edition, Audio Engineer,

Im a freshman who likes to work and be committed to the music and the work that can collaborate to, Im decided all my time to contribute to everyone else work .


Trax that knock - Max

New York

Trax that knock

I'm an audio engineer and music producer currently working at Splice. I have recorded and produced songs and sample content all over the world, most recently in Rwanda where I was making field recordings for sample packs. I've worked with artists like Trinidad James, Precious Ebony, Rotem Sivan, and Taylor Bennett. I love music that knocks!!!


Remote Mixing & Mastering - Shawn

West Virginia

Remote Mixing & Mastering

Get that warm, balanced mix that you're looking for. These warm, balanced, analog sounding mixes can be heard on tracks from Imogen. Let me take your song to the next level!


British Mastering House - Ultra


British Mastering House

We at Ultra Mastering provide that industry standard quality that all music should have. At Ultra we are giving your music back the warmth,feel, and clarity it deserves. Rates for Stereo Mastering: £45 Rates for Mixing per track: £120

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Manuel

New York

Remote Mixing & Mastering

Professional sound and mixing engineer with over 7 years of experience based out in New York City. I have developed my work in recording and mixing different kind of music genres.


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