Beatmaker, Music Producer  - Schemm

United States

Beatmaker, Music Producer

Pop, hip-hop, R&B, and electronic music producer and beat maker.


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Producer, Session Guitar/Bass  - Jack


Producer, Session Guitar/Bass

I am a singer/guitarist/bassist/producer living in Brooklyn, NY.


Producer, Album Mixer, Drummer - Jon


Producer, Album Mixer, Drummer

Producer, Mixer, Drummer, Percussionist, Composer for Strings-Electronic Scores-Album Strings -- I try to do what I can to contribute as much as possible to every recording. I work in LA, OKC, and Nashville. Me and my production team can work with you and your budget so don't be afraid to ask. Just love to work on great music in the studio!


Song Lyricist - Taylor


Song Lyricist

Creative and unique lyrics every time!


Music Producer, Mixing & Maste - Early


Music Producer, Mixing & Maste

Hi! I am Early Le Doc and I am an experienced music producer for a decade.


Healing Singer - Juliette


Healing Singer

I am an healing singer. My voice is mystical and I m bringing all my consciousness in my music. Check out my youtube page:


Remote audio editing & Mixing - Leizer


Remote audio editing & Mixing

After Many years in the Audio industry, in various operational positions, I left the industry in 2008. Now 2015 I have decided to get back when the online capabilities have improved dramatically and the capacity to work with digital and preserve the desired quality is realistic. I have produced recorded and mixed many years.


"Drake" Type Mixing Engineer - Joshua


"Drake" Type Mixing Engineer

I will mix, pitch correct, and master your Drake type songs

Vocal Producer and Songwriter - Tasneem

Los Angeles

Vocal Producer and Songwriter

I've been singing professionally since 2007, and I started singing/piano lessons and performing when I was 5 years old. I started songwriting and producing professionally in 2010.


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