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These acclaimed cellists have written, recorded, and performed on soundtracks and hit songs. Find your ideal session cello player today.

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Recording and Mixing Engineer - CDA

Los Angeles

Recording and Mixing Engineer

Winner of the Audio Engineering Program Award for Outstanding Student Music at the Musicians Institute for Summer 2018.

Remote Mixing - Pedro


Remote Mixing

A recent graduate from a Master of Music program, ready to mix music. I'm new to Sound Better, so I'm offering THE LOWEST possible prices to land my first job!

Singer/Songwriter/Producer - Ezequiel

Buenos Aires


I'm a fulltime singer and composer. I've been singing since early chilhood and I've been in the Rock scene for more than 20 years now. Singer-Songwriter and Frontman. From small stages to huge festivals. All kind of recordings at several Studios. Respect and love for music made me who I am. My goal is to make your song rise and shine.

Producer, Remote Mixing - EW


Producer, Remote Mixing

Music producer with unique kind of style. Specializing in hip hop and BOMB HIT melody lines

Mix, Master and Produce    - Dirty


Mix, Master and Produce

Three years ago I left a troubled life in pursuit of following my dream to create music. I started making beats where it lead to the funding of owning my own recording studio.

Sound Track Vocalist  - Julie


Sound Track Vocalist

I am a soundtrack vocalist who is will sing phrases or lyrics for your song.


Music Producer - Pinco

Buenos Aires

Music Producer

I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I've been producing for 7 years now. I stand out in the Tech House since it is my style with which I identify but I can also help you in Techno and Progressive. I have a lot of passion for what I do and I love this vocation.


Music Producer & SongWriter.  - Mikey

Las Vegas

Music Producer & SongWriter.

Passionate music creator here to bring a unique sound to any project your working on. Need a hook? Help with some harmonies? Maybe even an original track produced? Look no further. I have worked in the Entertainment and Music Industry for over 15 years. Worked with the likes of Keyon Harrold, Travis Payne, Don Boyette, Power Perralta & many more!

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