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I do trap, hip hop, rap,plubnb - Milly Vevo

Milly Vevo is a Florida Artist that has a genuine love for music you may be surprised but Milly Vevo just raps he can sing, makes beats, mix and master his own music. He is available for booking for all occasions but notify in a two week's advance.

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World Class Drum Recordings - High Point Audio

The first track is free - no catch! Mixing, Mastering, or Drum recording.

Music Producer, Pianist,  - samishii

I'm Samishii, Piano Master and mixing extraordinaire

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Xo Tune

I Break Down Every Record From The Base So I Can Hear It Come Together, It Gives Me An Advantage When It Comes Down To Removing Bad Frequencies And Mixing The Entire Process. I Take Time To Perfect The Sound And Enhance What Brings The Record To Life .. Contact Me If You Want The Sound You Desire.

Lyricists, Rapper, GhostWriter - JR

I can write in any mood, in any circumstance give me a mood, give me a topic, and I got you covered.

Music Producer - Songwriter - Westye Hemsley

We can work together on your project from A to Z. Just released my first album as a singer, songwriter and music producer.

Producer/Mix Engineer - Scott D.

Mix Engineer, Producer, Songwriter, Guitar Player

Remote Mixing and Mastering  - Chandler Veasey

My specialty is taking any recording, from bedroom recordings to professional takes. and making them sound Big, Clear, and Punchy like a record. I use outboard hardware along with in the box gear. I’ve been doing this for years, and full time as a professional for 5 years now. Have mixed/produced multiple albums and singles for artists.

Music Producer  - Muhammed Naser

Lite Champ

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