Motion Graphics Designer - Susannah




Motion Graphics Designer

I am an Art Director and Motion Graphics Artist specializing in immersive 3D visuals designed to engage all the senses.

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Recording, mixing, drummer - João

São Paulo

Recording, mixing, drummer

Feeling music easily.


Session Bassist - John


Session Bassist

Bassist working for likes of Ady Suleiman, Quantic, Alice Russell, Abi Flynn, Shunaji and many others.


Mixing & Mastering - Simone


Mixing & Mastering

Mixing Engineer situated in Milan. I use a hybrid mixing system offering the control of digital with the warmth of high end analog gear from NEVE GENESYS BLACK. I am an head engineer in Novenove Studio where i've worked with various artists of italian discography.

Songwriting,singing - Shayla



Specialize in writing deep sad and depressing music.

Mixing & Mastering - JAMES


Mixing & Mastering

Mix & Mastering Studio, Geared and optimized for high quality audio post production. Every project and every song is unique and deserves his unique creative flow and attention. I give a lot of thought, brainstorming with the client and focus. It's not just work for me, it's a way of life.

Vocalists, Singwriter - AuBleu

New York

Vocalists, Singwriter

I’m a story teller, I’ll turn your feelings into lyrical gold. Bring the beat and your pain or love, its all the same.


Beat Maker, Producer, Bassist - Danny



Kansas City

Beat Maker, Producer, Bassist

Hailing from Bronx NYC. Danny began his introduction into the music industry at the age of 19, signing to Universal Records (AM Octone Records) with his band Paper Tongues. Daniel has worked with producers such as Brian West, Mark Endert, and Randy Jackson. Today Daniel is producing music for artist locally in the Kansas City & surrounding areas.


null - Cave


Cave Studio Productions, is a professional Project Studio at Athens, Greece.

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